Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Roundup

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Some favorites and a few duds from Thursday's commenting.
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Favorites, in no particular order:

I enjoyed titansfan78's reference to Punkin's godawful thread from yesterday, in the Wake Up Deadspin post. The execution could be cleaned up a bit, unless that's an even more clever reference to Punkin, in which case, bravo.

In general, I think the list-a-lot-of-things-and-then-say-KRONUM!!!! meme is running out of steam, but I did really enjoy Same Sad Echo's version in the Ron Artest post. Kronum is a funny concept, but what makes Echo's joke work is the specific choices he made in his list.

Hatey McLife again killed it today. His ruthless Farrah Fawcett comment was the best by far in the Commencement Speech post. Later, a vicious Kathy Lee eye-gouge in the Boobs post earned a round of applause. This kind of humor is what Hatey McLife is known for, and he does it better than anyone.

Eddie Murray Sparkles cracked me up with a delightfully silly contribution to the Bernard Hopkins post. That's just a fantastic image.

And finally, unstarred commenter StuartScottsEye turned a brick from Delonte, Interrupted into a thunderous put-back jam in the Bad Golf Swing post. This guy was in the zone today, and this was by far his best effort. That's a hell of a job.

Total Fucking Duds

In the Ron Artest post, unstarred commenter jddf crapped out this thing and just left it there. This is not That's not a joke, it's the weakest possible reference, delivered in the least creative, interesting way possible.

In the Commencement Speech post, unstarred commenter coldbeerhello did this, driving me completely fucking insane. Make a joke out of that idea! Do something funny. Anything! It is not funny that you keep thinking of something random. Every fucking comment on Deadspin starts with someone thinking of something funny! Actual commenters do something with the thought beyond just farting it out and hitting submit. This is not your fourth grade classroom, shit-for-brains.

To my great annoyance, there are apparently two commenters named tater, both active today, one of whom is starred and one of whom is not. The unstarred version left this, also in the Commencement Speech post. There's nothing right about this comment. Not the premise, not the presentation, not the obvious lack of anything funny, and certainly not the assumption that the inclusion of a screen-grab from a show that is known to be funny would somehow infuse the comment with ambient humor. Try harder.

And finally, this lazy, shocking-just-to-be-shocking pile of crap from SteveJeltzFan, in the first Dan Snyder post. Is that so funny? I don't find this comment offensive, just stupid and wasteful and meaningless. All this is is a premise. Nothing is done with it at all.

And that's it for today's Roundup. Did I go lite on the Duds? Sure. Yesterday's bonanza was exhausting. Look for something a lot more interesting than this in the very near future from Mad Bastards All. In the meantime, enjoy your DUANing.

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  1. Long time listener, first time caller...

    Suggestion box:

    You should think about creating an Azure Texan memorial award for the commenter who consistantly draws chuckles throughout the day. A lot of commenters put in a good day's work routinely hitting singles and doubles but don't get the ovation in one specific comment.