Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Roundup

Some favorites and a hearty helping of duds from Monday's commenting.

, in no particular order:

I laughed at Delonte, Interrupted's awesome transcript in the Wake Up Deadspin post. That's terrific.

In the Pride of Ohio State post, David Hume's sharp one-liner earned a round of applause from the crowd. Nice job.

I really enjoyed Bevraj of Choice's simple joke in the Rugby Face post. That's a line that could have easily been overcooked, but he nailed it, and the crowd responded.

Hatey McLife had a couple of winners on Monday. I liked the clever wordplay of this joke in the Jousting post, and later, his first comment was one of the best in the Gay Basketball post. He doesn't miss much, even when he sees fit to gift himself a -1.

Also in the Jousting post, fat-leaveher contributed this clever, elegant little joke. Awesome job.

Steve_U's dig at Rick Pitino in the Reggie Bush post was good for a laugh, and earned a couple of +1s.

In the Lenny Dykstra post, I giggled at this silly dialogue joke from Same Sad Echo. I guess I'm a sucker for the dialogue jokes, but they have to be done right. A clumsy joke like this can be just brutally bad. Anyway, this was another good one from one of the masters of the form.

And finally, also from the Lenny Dykstra post, I enjoyed this clever bankruptcy joke from UweBollocks. That's just a terrific pull, delivered confidently.

Total Fucking Duds

Unstarred guy is a good commenter, but this offering, in the Wake Up Deadspin post, is terribly over-cooked. That's the joke equivalent of putting makeup on a pig. Ultimately, it's the same angle a thousand other bad comments have taken on the topic of Shawn Kemp, and the awkward, overdone set-up just highlights the flimsiness of the underlying joke. It's a shame, because that's a lot of effort. Don't take an exaggerated whack at the same old joke. Instead, take a fresh angle on the familiar topic. It can be done.

Also in the Wake Up Deadspin post, unstarred commenter Penny Hardaway's Rookie Card left this dazzlingly lazy Ricky Martin joke. Ooof. I'm not even totally sure what it means. But the word "gay" is the flimsiest of excuses for an otherwise completely unrelated reference. The fact that Ricky Martin is gay is not funny. It's just not.

This one's simple enough: in the Jorge Posada thread, unstarred commenter NYSportsJerk thought it worthwhile to argue advanced metrics in lieu of making jokes. We make jokes around here. Be funny.

Similarly, this offering from unstarred commenter nova3930 in the Pride of Ohio State post made no attempt at humor. [flips chalkboard] A-B-F. A-Always, B-Be, F-Funny. Always be funny. ALWAYS be funny.

Unstarred commenter Daniel Peck chucked this pile of crap up in the Luchador post. That's just lazy. Try harder.

Unstarred commenter BROnaldinho was the latest to sup from the trough of desperation that is the "not impressed" joke, this time in the Luchador post. He's been around for a while, he certainly should know better.

Also in the Luchador post, unstarred trainwreck Buford Justice had a thing or two to say about the prowess of the tiny Japanese wrestler, but forgot to make any attempt at humor. Surely there's a super-awesome wrestling blog somewhere that feels the lack of this kind of sharp criticism.

The O AN HE [fucking ANYTHING] meme is ready for retirement. Seriously. Let's put that fucker to bed. Unstarred guy Radon Zeppelin dusted it off for his offering in the Gay Basketball post, and I realized: this thing's dead. Totally fucking dead. Devoid of even the tiniest amount of juice.

Also in the Gay Basketball post, unstarred commenter HugsFromHarold used ye olde The Simpsons clip as the entirety of his comment. Please, please, make jokes. Be funny. This is passing along funny, not being funny.

Unstarred commenter VanExelfor3 annoyed me with this comment, in the Gay Basketball post, which asks for a joke but does not make a joke. Take the extra minute or two and make the joke. It's especially annoying that his was the very first comment in the entire post, meaning he really didn't take any time to finesse or fine tune his effort. It's not a race, silly.

Unstarred commenter larispitler was just another guy who failed to make an attempt at humor with this nonsense in the Reggie Bush post. MAKE JOKES. Make jokes! Be funny! It's the rule of Deadspin commenting!

Ah jeez. Here's another one. To unstarred commenter 10MileStereo, for his effort in the Taj Gibson Poster post, I have this to say: it was not even remotely appropriate. Make jokes, goddammit!

And that's it. Thanks for reading. Have a great DUAN.


  1. NY Sports Jerk's comment wasn't a *joke* but it was relevant and frankly beneficial to overall impact of the post. Agreed, it's not necessarily what people want to see predominate in every post, but a *dud*?

  2. @Anonymous

    Yeah. For me, it's a dud. The Deadspin comments section is not the place for a statistical argument. Be funny. It's that simple.