Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Roundup

Some favorites and a selection of duds from Monday's commenting. Thought I forgot about it, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU? (I did.)

, in no particular order:

I chuckled at this dig at Sidney Crosby from Sonar Jose in the Hairy Guy and Gladiator Costumes post. Simple and effective.

Same Sad Echo cracked me up with this sad horse joke in the La Russa Foal post. Most people went with La Russa-the-drunk jokes, which is fine, but I appreciated the unique angle of approach on this one.

RMH=J submitted the best of the La Russa-the-drunk jokes with this beautiful one-liner, in the La Russa Foal post, earning a round of applause. Nice work.

Here's another great La Russa-the-drunk joke, this time from Eddie Murray Sparkles, in the La Russa Foal post. I'm the kind of guy who will almost always laugh at a good La Russa-the-drunk joke, and this was a very, very good one.

Unstarred commenter breakfuckslamwich earned a promotion and a round of applause for this elegant wordplay joke in the Shaq Book post. That's good for a chuckle.

And finally, I roared with laughter at this caption joke from Bevraj of Choice in the Concussion post. I'm surprised this one didn't get a little more attention.

Total Fucking Duds

Either I'm off my game or the commentariat is - there were a lot of fucking duds today. A lot of lame-ass puns, a lot of blunt-ended one-liners, a fucking shitload of inane chatter. I left a lot of this crap alone. What follows is a small sampling.

DubaiatNight got nothing from the shredded remains of the Brett-Favre-has-a-small-penis meme with this pancake flat, paint-by-numbers, utterly dead-on-arrival pile of crap, in the Donovan McNabb post. DubaiatNight is a featured commenter, presumably he can do a hell of a lot better than this. But for now, you're suspect.

Unstarred guy kluivertus offered some astonishingly unnecessary and embarrassingly obvious fantasy football wisdom in the Steelers/Patriots post. Ooof.

And finally, here's ye olde video joke from unstarred guy BobsCountryBunker in the Liquid-and-Towel Valet post. Be funny. Yourself.

Yeah, so, I forgot about this Roundup. Still, it is not yet midnight in the part of the world that matters, and here it is! That's a victory there. Here's hoping all you wonderful sumbitches are woofing down candy, drinking dangerous amounts of alcohol, and having wild, acrobatic sex with nubile young supermodels.

Goooooooooooo DUAN!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Return of the Hack

You know what I feel like doing? Roundups.

That's right. Beginning Monday, October 31st, Mad Bastards All will once again spit out daily commenting Roundups during the work-week.

I'm going to say that these Roundups may not be quite as comprehensive as the previous round. I'm also going to say that they may not happen as frequently - I may take a day off here and there. I'm going to say all these things to my spouse, my family, my therapist. Then, I'm going to dive back in the rabbit-hole like a lunatic and ruin whatever headway I've made in the past few months. Ah hell.

It seems quite a lot has changed while I've been away, including these recently announced changes that will allow for the non-humorous commenting that has long driven me crazy. Not to worry - these changes seem to be part of a longer-term goal of emphasizing Deadspin's commenting, whereas some other somewhat recent changes seem to have had the effect of discouraging commenters.

Well, we're here to help you sort some of that out. Or, at any rate, to berate you while you sort it our for yourselves.

So, have a great week, an even better weekend, and a sensational Halloween. Starting that very evening, the all-seeing all-mocking eye-in-the-sky will be back in action. Gamboa, I'd go ahead and double down on those window treatments.