Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Roundup

A fucking bonanza of favorites and another massive helping of duds from Thursday's commenting.

, in no particular order:

In the Wake Up Deadspin post, PolkPanther's restrained revisitation of the Herschel Walker meme was good for a laugh. Nice job.

Also in the Wake Up Deadspin post, unstarred commenter JmarFTL earned a promotion and a +1 for a silly, well-made recontextualization joke. An interesting feature of this kind of joke; the punchline is usually in the italicized, copied text, and in this particular case, it happens to also be ideally placed, at the very end of the sentence.

All Over But The Sharting had it working today, first earning applause for a deliciously silly long-form joke in the Jack Edwards post. Later, I laughed at another long, hilarious contribution, this time a haircut dig in the John Daly post. Great work.

Unstarred commenter Jack Edwards Hair Piece did what he was supposed to do in the Jack Edwards post; he got around on a grapefruit and hammered it into the cheap seats. That's a beautifully constructed comment, and it would have been all too easy to drop something lazy and count on the name reference to get it promoted.

David Hume also killed it today. His shot at Jezebel in the Fishing Samurai post was one of the day's best comments. Later, his riff on another comment in the Mets post was ingenious. And finally, he cracked me up with one of the very good sharks = cartilage jokes in the Yao Ming post. Workin' it, workin' it.

Yet another guy who had it today: Tulos_Mullet. His dialogue comment in the Samurai Fishing post was hysterical and the crowd loved it. But that was nothing compared to his McJoke in the Mets post - I giggled endlessly at this, and it earned an extended ovation from his fellow commenters. That's a great, great comment.

I both cringed and laughed at this joke, from Eddie Murray Sparkles, in the Gloria Allred post. That's so good.

dont-forget-where-you-came-from-cheese-mac had a wonderful day today. His LOTR joke in the Gloria Allred post was structured perfectly, setting up the punchline carefully and delivering it as the very last word. Later, I thoroughly enjoyed his super-simple recontextualization joke in the Jambaroo post. And finally, this silly, beautifully elegant contribution to the God's Gift post. He's been on an absolute tear lately.

Same Sad Echo checked in with this hilarious bathroom script in the Pissing Fans post. The crowd loved this one.

Hatey McLife killed me with this extended use of a Boston stereotype, also in the Pissing Fans post. That's excellent.

Our guy Gamboa Constrictor delivered the other awesome sharks = cartilage joke, mere seconds before David Hume's, in the Yao Ming post. In truth, these are very similar jokes, but that's okay; both are expertly constructed and I laughed at each of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vodkanaut's silly dialogue joke in the God's Gift post. There's no need for a standard premise/set-up/punchline format here; this is just a very funny idea expressed in as charming a way as possible.

This is just a terrific pull by Gottlieb's Cards, also in the God's Gift post. That he delivered it with such expertise is just icing on the cake. Excellent comment.

And finally, in the Kevin Durant post, unstarred commenter CBronsonSmile earned a promotion and some praise for an excellent "that guy" joke. The visual here is just fantastic.

Total Fucking Duds

Moving quickly now . . .

In the Jack Edwards post, unstarred commenter theeschwartz threw up this random story of bros being bros, to my great annoyance.

Also in the Jack Edwards post, I can't imagine what inspired unstarred commenter Orton hears a boo to leave behind this comment. I can't seem to make out a punchline, or really any amount of humor at all.

One more from the Jack Edwards post: this jumbled crap from unstarred commenter Buford Justice. "Over-under on Lupica furiously masturbating to this clip?" What in God's name are you talking about?

Alright, gs6456; you're suspect. I'm watching you. This is a true shit-ass comment, in the Samurai Fishing post. But you weren't done; in the Jambaroo post, this thing. That ain't commenting, son. Be funny. Make jokes. Have a quality-control process on your commenting, and follow it obsessively. We don't need another shuttledik.

Upstate Underdog struggled today. This obscenely lazy comment in the Pissing Fans post was given a gray-job by the comment_ninja. Later, a totally inappropriate non-joke in the Jambaroo post was shipped off to #geographyclub by the ninja. Unstarred guy chadBROchocinco deserves special mention for chiming in with an infuriatingly irrelevant, worthless piece of shit reply to that second one. What the fuck were you thinking?

Jobu81 . . . that's commenting? That? Would you promote that? Featured commenters just have to do better than that. The Pissing Fans post brought out a lot of sorry comments.

From the same post, unstarred commenter pheltsaucier had his contribution justifiably shipped off to #lame by the comment_ninja for being something other than a joke. Be funny.

This is an appallingly lazy comment, from unstarred commenter killemdaggett, in the Jambaroo post. There's nothing more to say about it. It sucks.

In the Yao Ming post, I'm confused as to how this worthless, inane, totally unfunny offering from someone named kyosen is somehow featured. Surely, no one anywhere would actually promote that.

And finally, low-hanging fruit taker Phd_thc dropped the dreaded photo-joke in the John Daly post, to the utter disinterest of the commentariat. Obviously, I hate 90% of all photo-jokes - there better be a cracker-jack of a joke surrounding that photo. In this case, there is not.

Alrighty. There's your Thursday roundup. And now, for something special . . .


  1. The featured kyosen comment is due to the article being cross-posted to another Gawker site where kyosen has a star.

  2. That Pitino/Puerto Rico ride was sure dead after a couple minutes. The same amount of time it would take the Louisville coach to blast through eight belles.

  3. Noted. Why I was promoted for mentioning where I was from was beyond me. That was NOT my intention at all. Thanks for keeping me on notice, I'll work harder to end up in the first half of the posts from now on.