Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Roundup

Some favorites and very few duds from Monday's commenting.

, in no particular order:

Same Sad Echo had a nice day, first checking in with a very simple, very funny contribution to the UConn Dean's List post Monday morning, then making me laugh with a few lines of Muppets dialogue in this afternoon's Goalie Lawsuit post. What can I say? I'm a huge sucker for cartoon/Muppets references (yes, I'm serious).

Mad Bastard's All favorite Gamboa Constrictor made me laugh with an uncomfortable confession in the Churro Blowjob post.

Deadspin powerhouse David Hume made a rare appearance with this ingenious (and hilarious) (and true) comment in the Churro Blowjob post. Deadspin could use a hell of a lot more of him right now.

The possibility that MarkKelsosMigraine might be returning to regular commenting makes me positively giddy. Two of his comments made me guffaw loudly today; first this, in the Churro Blowjob post, and especially this, in the Viagra post. I'm willing to concede, however, that at least part of the joy and humor of that second one is that it is, of course, coming from MarkKelsosMigraine. It's a funny joke, absolutely, but who else makes that joke?

And finally, Cyrus_the_virus drew a giggle with a very simple, straight-forward pun in the Viagra post. That's good work, there. He's still finding his legs as a starred commenter, but he's capable of some very good jokes.

Total Fucking Duds

As promised, we cut down dramatically on the Duds today. In fact, there's only one, and it came, not from shuttledik or sacoplenty or priestinacloset1 or Paolo.Lex (though he really fucking tried) or Billy Clyde Puckett (he really wanted it, too), but from starred commenter Armen Tamzarian, for an indefensibly lame, vulgar, sophomoric deflect-a-joke in the Wayne Rooney Suspension post. I've chosen to highlight this awful comment for a number of reasons; first of all, it illustrates at least two previously-unaccounted-for types of bad comments: 1. the Deflect-a-Joke, in which a commenter does not actually make the joke himself, but says something to the effect of "there's a [blank] joke in there somewhere", which is useless and vacuous and lazy; and 2. the Obfuscated Bigotry joke, in which someone uses clever wordplay to try to cover up the fact that their joke boils down to "[insert minority group] is an easy target for offensive humor". This offering from Armen Tamzarian falls into both categories, and is well beneath a featured commenter.

Secondly, I've singled out this comment because FAILBOT was good enough to give him a very light but very ominous warning about it. That's wonderful to see. It's one thing for unstarred commenters to have their bad crap shipped off to #somethingaboutbanningsomeoneisland or whatever, but the site benefits much more from starred commenters having their lazy offerings checked, as it sends a broad, visible message to the entire commentariat and explicitly discourages lazy commenting.

Hey, have a wonderful DUAN.

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