Saturday, April 23, 2011

Programming Notes

A few quick notes while we patch the fourth wall:

So, we're going to keep going with this thing. Apparently, the Deadspin commentariat has absolutely no problem with a creepy guy sitting at a desk obsessing over the quality of their internet comments and occasionally calling them things like "fat-fingered" and "brain-dead" (I mean, someone other than the comment_ninja). We're buoyed by the grace and support of even guys like Phintastic and ToddReesingsTurfFacial, and will not be deterred by comments like "di u scum", no-doubt the work of a cowardly pants-shitting degenerate (LBabe). Daily roundups will continue, as will the longer-form stuff, including more Profiles in Commenting.

Now, what I've learned in the past, oh, 36 hours is this: writing for one's own amusement is quite different from writing for an audience, and writing directly to and about one's audience is something else altogether. Recent comments seem to indicate that our snark is welcome - that's hard to imagine, but then, it's worth noting that GaryOaklandAthletics is apparently doing just fine. Delivering the snark will become easier and easier as the notion that you folks enjoy being referred to as "ass-clowns" and "morons" and "dummies" sinks in. In the meantime, forgive me if Friday's roundup was somewhat tame. First of all, the commentariat was sizzling, sizzling hot on Friday. Second of all, putting together the Duds section was tricky; there just weren't all that many comments I hated, but by including something lukewarm (like CalClutterBuckFutter's mostly tame offering), I felt like I had more or less set the bar, and there were at least a half-dozen others that fell under the bar (none more so than Micah_Hoffpauir's epitome of laziness). At any rate, I'm sure the bad comments will continue, Paolo.Lex, so at some point, the anger will return, much to the relief of my psychotherapist.

And finally, this: I invite everyone reading this blog to participate in the production of content. I will continue to supply daily roundups, long-form stuff, and Profiles in Commenting. However, there's a lot to be said about commenting, about jokes, about DUAN, about the comment_ninja, etc., and I'm sure your peers would be at least as interested in hearing what you have to say as they are in what I crank out. Write something up, spell-check it, check it for stupidity or signs of severe head trauma, then shoot it to This may be done anonymously, but it may not be done poorly.

Okay, one more thing: the links work on Firefox. I may consider copying and pasting the comments into the roundups, but please realize there were roughly 16,000 favorites on Friday, and ask yourself how interested you'd be in scrolling through a blog post longer than the Magna Carta every afternoon.

That's all. The last brick is going into place. We're back to the business of commenting on commenting. Have a great weekend.


  1. If you decide against copying and pasting the comments, consider at least giving us the context of the article in which the comment was supplied. Because for a casual Deadspin reader like me, who doesn't read every article or remember every comment, it's a little annoying to get linked to the comment, then have to scroll up to read the article for context, then scroll back down to understand the comment.

    Just something to think about. I support your decision either way.

  2. Glad to hear that you are continuing. As a commenter that does not get to dayspin often due to work contraints, I look forward to coming here for highlights (and lowlights). I also hope to keep my name out of the "duds" section.


  3. I figured there should be at least one person letting you know that the format doesn't suck. The links work for me, the length of the posts is good, and I don't think you need to be providing context for every single comment you describe. That is asking an awful lot of you, and there's no reason to not expect your readers to at least do a little bit of work on their own.


  4. aha. so it's a firefox thing. that makes sense.

  5. Great stuff. Keep it coming.

    -- IronMikeGallego

  6. A little late to the party, but am just getting a recap on yesterday's antics. This was really good, and hope it continues. As bad as it was not being included on the "good" list (yet), not seeing the myself on the dud list was a good sight. I think we all post looking for some acknowledgement, and this is something.

    - Walk Off HBP

  7. I'm totally on board with what you are doing as long as you stop leaving me voice mails at 2 in the morning. And while they are mildly erotic in nature, they are becoming alarmingly strange in an almost Roman Polanski like way. Keep up the good work.