Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday Roundup

Some favorites and very few duds from Friday's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

dont-forget-where-you-came-from-cheese mac, Hatey McLife, and SponsoredbyV8 played an awesome game of kick-the-can in the Kids And Their Dunks thread. I love to see commenters riffing on each other's stuff. cheese mac had another gem in the Manny Ramirez thread.

And those are the only favorites for what was a graveyard of a day in Deadspin commenting.

Total Fucking Duds:

Deadspin I-Team posts are often especially terrible, because many people seem to think that the appeal for information somehow lifts the requirement that comments be funny. Friday's I-Team post was no exception. Unstarred commenters ScarletSquire and BarbarobicsInstructor did their part to reinforce the common perception of Deadspin's comment threads as safe places for ignorant, obnoxious, borderline-offensive bullshit, with this and this, respectively. Boo on them both.

Also, unstarred commenter HelenaHandbasket earned a mention for an utter failure to simply read the rest of the Manny Ramirez thread before dropping this turd in it. This comment would not be funny even if it was remotely original, and it is not remotely original.

All in all, Friday was a pretty rotten day for commenting, which is consistent with my general sense that Fridays are a weak day for commenting.

Happy weekend DUANs. See you on Monday.

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