Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a natural, clever little one-liner from fatleaveher in the JaVale McGee post. It's a smart, timely joke delivered with an easy straightforwardness that often works for one-liners. Good stuff.

Here's a humdinger from SavetoFavorites in the Steve Spagnuolo post. Simple enough, but a very clever angle. This is not SavetoFavorites's usual brand of humor, but hey! The guy is multitalented.

Bring Back Anthony Mason took a different approach to this wordplay gag in the Penn State Lawsuit post, earning a handful of +1s. That's very good.

Here's a funny thread in the Hannah Storm post, featuring Steve U, Same Sad Echo, Body By Bacardi, BronzeHammer, DougExeter, and others. Check it out.

I chuckled at this simple dig from DougExeter in the Lazar Hayward post. No, it's not relevant to the post, but I really appreciate how easy and silly it is. Nice job.

This is just silly and ridiculous from BronzeHammer in the Angry Cowboys Fan post. I suppose everyone's working their way back into shape after the holidays, and this is the kind of stuff that gets people laughing and in the mood for jokes.

And here's a dynamite one-liner from Pornstars-for-Wilbon in the Angry Cowboys Fan post. I like the personal voice here.

I laughed at this dig from Midwest_Elitist in the Rex Ryan post. It's ye olde foot fetish dig at Rex Ryan, but it's nice to see a fresh angle.

This is my favorite comment from today, and so it is the Comment of the Day, from David Hume in the Roger Goodell post. I'm shocked . . . shocked!!(<----- totally original humor) that this joke didn't get more than a few +1s. There's no part of this joke that is not hilarious.

Total Fucking Duds

Here's something completely irrelevant and utterly without even the remotest trace of humor from an idiot called revive_ten_rats in the JaVale McGee post. So boring. So desperately, aggressively boring.

And here's an actual Deadspin commenter actively trolling the site with a burner account called WittyNameGoesHere in the Hannah Storm post. I know the person who did this and the people who are doing this will not care what I think one bit, but I really wish they'd stop. It doesn't help anything, nor will it ever.

Sorry about the hour. I'll do better tomorrow, so help me God.

Nighty night!

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