Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thursday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I suppose it's worth wondering at this point whether Gamboa Constrictor is the master of my heart Idiot jokes. I mean, just look at this thing, from the Daily Screencap post. Ridiculous. And every time I see one of these, it gets juuust a little bit funnier.

I really enjoyed this awkward sequence from Madoffs Mets in the Ronaiah Tuiasosopo post. So silly. There's your Comment of the Day for Thursday.

Here's something stupid and funny from RMJ=H in the Ronaiah Tuiasosopo post. This is almost a practical joke - the joke is on you, the reader, like the chicken crossing the road to get to the other side. It's all about the misdirection, the misdirection is the punchline. I love it.

Here's another goofy wordplay joke, this time from Raysism in the Lou Holtz post. Methicans . . . seems like everyone brought their silly hats today. Speaking of which, look at this fucking thing in the Manti Te'o Interview Live Blog post. Goofball. Good stuff.

Hey, whaddya know, another supremely silly joke, this time from The Amazing Sneijderman in the Lou Holtz post. I laughed.

And here's a great wordplay joke utilizing a familiar structure from IronMikeGallego in the Rachel Nichols Twitter post. That's very sharp. It's great to see IronMikeGallego back in the mix.

Total Fucking Duds

No duds.

Friday's coming soon. I hate to be so late on these and to bang them out with so little content, but shit's crazy around the Shitehawk residence these days. Look for a Week In Review sometime on Sunday, and we'll try to get back on schedule next week. Thanks for your patience and for your wonderful, wonderful jokes.

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  1. I am way too flattered by that statement. My idiocy has been a life's work.