Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I chuckled at this clever pull from RMJ=H in the Count the Slurs post. I really like the direction recontextualizations have gone on Deadspin lately. You almost never see the straight-ahead ripoff recontextualization anymore, where an italicized line of text is redefined or awkwardly repurporsed to fit with a given reference. This joke isn't strictly a recontextualization, but it references an italicized line of text and brings in a reference that turns a portion of the line on its head. And, well, it made me reflect upon the recontextualizations. Hey, leave me alone, will ya?

And here's a great epilogue/post-script type joke from DubaiAtNight in the Count the Slurs post. This is a terrific idea, and I'm not sure there's a way it can be fumbled. The idea that Colin Cowherd sent the letter is funny enough that it could be packaged really any way you can imagine. DubaiAtNight gave it a little extra juice by putting some distance between the top of the joke and the name "Colin", but I imagine this joke would work just as well if he'd just gone with any number of different deliveries. I could be wrong about that, but anyway, it's a very, very good joke based upon a very strong angle.

I enjoyed this creative dig from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the Giancarlo Stanton Trade Proposals post. There could be other targets for the whole "Bad GM makes Nonsensical Trade Proposal" angle, but by picking this particular target, Bring Back Anthony Mason is able to accomplish a couple of things: if he'd picked a baseball GM (and therefore a less obvious target) it wouldn't be as accessible to a broad audience, he wouldn't have been able to take the joke as far afield, and the joke would be missing that piling-on vibe. Good stuff. Later, I laughed at this odd contribution in the Donte Stallworth post. That's very funny.

As much as I love the setup/knockdown stuff (and oh how I love it), there's a special place in my heart for the funny-from-start-to-finish comments, like this one from SavetoFavorites in the Cancer Conspiracy post. Man oh man, that's good. There's your Comment of the Day.

Here's a wonderful one-liner from burner jrmcaps in the Asante Samuel post. For whatever reason, the question mark makes it funnier. Good stuff.

There were a few really terrific entries in the Asante Samuel post. Here's a great in-kind offering from Same Sad Echo. The post wound up working more-or-less like a comedy pyramid, but one or two of these stood out from the rest, and this was one of them. The whole thing is worth a peek, though.

Here's another one, this time from our guy Gamboa Constrictor. That's hysterical. Who cares if he made up the headline? It's fucking great.

And here's a final one, from BronzeHammer. This one is perhaps more relevant than those last two. Either way, they're all great. +1s all around.

Finally, here's a characteristically clever bit of wordplay from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Oddibe McDowell Deadspin HOF post. For what it's worth, I voted no.

Total Fucking Duds

My God this is boring.

Oh my God.

Lord, Lord.

Fucking REALLY?! This is unbelievable. May each of you be devoured by coyotes.

I'd be fine with AllOverButThePaulBlarting being devoured by coyotes, too. Jackass.

Have the weekendiest of all weekends, folks. Enjoy your football. LET'S GO DUAN! LET'S GO DUAN! LET'S GO DUAN!




  2. Whew! I hope this is the last window issue we ever have.

    /pulls shades