Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

IronMikeGallego dropped the Comment of the Day in the PED Report post. I'll admit, I needed a minute with this one, but it was well worth it. It's so good, I'm honestly astonished it hasn't been made already.

Here's a funny list from Sgt. Hammerclaw in the PED Report post. This is sort of a funny-by-accumulation joke, with some inside baseball thrown in at the end.

Here's a hilarious glance behind the curtain from Universal Enveloping Algebra in the Duke Fan Letter post. This is great. It's essentially self-deprecating humor rendered absurd. Good stuff.

Raysism had several winners today. First came this dig in the Duke Fan Letter post, poking fun at both the writer and the school, and (I suspect) trolling the burner crowd. Later, I enjoyed this stupid Dolly Parton joke in the NCAA Gigantism post. It's actually a pretty solid reference, and I laughed at it. And finally, here's a terrific visual joke in the Facebook Fan Map post. Raysism is good for one or two of these every few weeks, and I love 'em.

Here's a funny insert from BronzeHammer in the Duke Fan Letter post. A couple of funny ideas there, finished with a solid punchline. Nice job.

Here's a fantastic dig from DougExeter in the Rob Ryan post. It took a slight edit of the italicized text to pull it off, but I'll forgive it. The end result is a smart, funny shot at a genuine dick. Later, DougExeter contributed this evil one-liner in the ESPN Blunder post, apparently redeeming all of Deadspin's "awful" one-liners. Thanks!

I laughed heartily at this silly fat joke from SavetoFavorites in the Glen Davis Exclamation post, and it looks like I was mostly alone. Ah well. I think it's hilarious. A series of funny images made funnier by their grouping.

Here's a bizarre, unexpected wordplay joke from cobra, brah! in the NCAA Gigantism post. The sheer randomness of this comment is most of what makes it funny. It's damn near an Idiot joke, the punchline is so thin. And? I chuckled. Good shit.

There are two very funny disintegrating poems from David Hume here in the Rigged Super Bowl Refs post, but I genuinely thought either one was funny enough alone to make its way into the Favorites. Enjoy!

Here's a strong dialogue joke from some guy called Soulpatch in the Ray Lewis post. One of the replies makes me wonder if it's structurally some kind of rip-off, but anyway, surely this exact joke has never been made before and, anyway, it brought out a chuckle. Keep it up, guy.

And finally, here's an excellent contribution from Theodore Donald Kerabatsos in the Facebook Fan Map post. Just a funny observation about Facebook behavior packaged inside a breezy one-liner. Awesome.

Total Fucking Duds

Not tonight, gentlemen. Nothing stood out as especially awful.

Sleep tight! Have wonderful dreams of warm air and cool breeze and soft grass and flying and flying and flying and flying. Nighty-night.

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