Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Lets start right off with the Comment of the Day, from RMJ=H in the Reagan Maui'a post. COTY!!1! In all seriousness, this is an instant classic. I'll remember the Gary Coleman Coffin Cooler joke forever, and I'll probably never forget this one either. Put that one on your resume, RMJ=H. Also, it's worth opening up all replies to see the one brutal intrusion from some burner idiot called HeyGoalieGoalie. Hey moron, way to step on the joke. Christ.

I enjoyed this dig from Bevraj of Choice in the Donald Trump Tweet post. It's a simple wordplay gag used to comment both on Trump's values and on his stupidity, and it's smart and tightly packaged and great.

Also in the Donald Trump post, I got a kick out of this unexpected note from The Amazing Sneijderman. While most commenters took the opportunity to needle Trump in one way or another, The Amazing Sneijderman found an entirely different angle and then managed to work it into an interesting delivery. Good shit.

And finally, here's a devastating one-liner from Post ApocalypticRecSpecs in the Bloody Sock post. Oof. Most days, this a-here comment is the Comment of the Day. It's fucking hysterical. Great stuff.

Total Fucking Duds

CheckYoPrivilege brought the stupid with this boring, brainless offering in the Bloody Sock post. Do durdy dur dur durdy dur? Ass. It will come as no surprise to anyone that there was apparently at least one other person out there who thinks the words "bloody tampons" are, all by themselves, funny. "It make me laugh" indeed.

The best thing about this bumbling mess from ichelleray in the Darnell Dockett post is the "if you know what I mean" line. Real subtle, dummy.

Oh boy. Running a bit behind here. Look for Friday's Roundup . . . umm . . . tonight? Tomorrow? At some point there will be a Friday Roundup.

Thanks for reading.

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