Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Roundup

Favorites? Duds? Sure! 

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a fantastic rewrite from Same Sad Echo in the Sidney Crosby post. This is Same Sad Echo's wheelhouse, the creative rewrite. He's one of Deadspin's sillier commenters, and rewrites are perfect for silliness. Nice work.

This is a very familiar, well-worn joke-type on Deadspin, such that it will virtually never sneak up on anyone ever again, but I thought Donnie_Iris hit the nail on the head with this dig in the Sidney Crosby post. Sometimes these can be forced, but in this case, it's a pretty sharp pull. Or, anyway, I enjoyed it.

Here's an unexpected shot at Antoine Walker from IronMikeGallego in the 138 Points post. If this had been one of those I haven't seen a [blank] since [blank] jokes, it would have been roughly .00001% as funny. Yes, it's a great pull, but it takes instincts and talent to assemble the right delivery. Good shit.

Here's David Hume being a total silly-goose in Barry's Sham Record piece. Boy, that's some circuitous stuff right there. It's perhaps the most contrived setup to ever make its way into the Favorites. Still, for whatever reason, it's funny. The sheer balls-to-the-wallness of it is impressive, then there's the humor of an elaborate set-up leading to such a lewd, adolescent punchline. Because he's David Hume, I suspect he was going for something along those lines. Anyway, fuck it - I laughed.

Here's a rather guilty laugh, courtesy of Hit Bull Win Steak in the Lakers Bros post. Oof. That is . . . yikes. I did laugh aloud at this. I'm still laughing, actually. But, man.

Ah, this is fucking great, from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the Dead Cat post. This is totally a Three Men Walk Into A Bar joke! Wonderful. And the abruptness of the finish . . . delicious. Great comment.

Total Fucking Duds

Fozberry, to his credit, is trying. He makes jokes. All day long, this guy works at being funny. Today, in fact, he had a few solid jokes. This, however, in the Rasheed Wallace post, was not one of them. It is, sad to say, rather brutal. Still, keep working at it.

This TitoFuentesHouseofPancakes guy, on the other hand, stinks. Here's his pile-of-shit rent-a-joke in the Cleveland Browns post. Hey, dipshit, that video sums up exactly bupkis. Make your own goddamn funny.

Listen you sons of bitches, have a great goddamn night and a great Thanksgiving. Eat delicious food, watch too much football, and bask in the love of friends and family. Or, at least grab a case of cheap swill and get plowed. Either way, I love ya.

Peace. Do On.


  1. I wish to hell I could link to the handful of previous iterations of Hume's "help Jack off" jokes. Even when you see them coming, you are powerless to not laugh.

  2. Great roundup, and a great day. When you get guys like Hume around, good stuff just happens, and that was incredible work by Hit Bull.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all you funny bastards, and Raysism.