Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

, in no particular order:

Here's a delicious dig at Rex Ryan from SavetoFavorites in the Fireman Ed post. Look at some of those goddamn replies. Crazy.

Same Sad Echo brought this Lincoln joke from out of nowhere in the Jameer Nelson Hesitation post. That's great. It's silly and unexpected and only tethered to the post by the flimsiest of threads, and I enjoyed it.

IronMikeGallego did this in the Miami Stadium post, which is fine, but he also did this, in the T.J. Simers post, and this is fucking fantastic. That's maybe my favorite comment from today. Look at that goddamn joke. Look how he structures the dialogue to obscure the punchline, creating the impression that there's a conversation without actually providing a second party. I was totally surprised by the ending of this comment. Brilliant. I'm shocked this one didn't get more love. In fact, this is the Comment of the Day.

Here's a characteristically strong wordplay joke from Gamboa Constrictor in the DJ World Peace joke. You clever, clever bastard. Nice work.

Here's a quick, light little offering from RMJ=H in the Pee Wee Truck Stick post. It's got a quick, fun change in tone there at the end that really supplies the humor. Good shit.

I recognize that I'm a doofus, but I laughed at this thread featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver, IronMikeGallego, RMJ=H, and Sgt. Hammerclaw in the ESPN Plagiarism post. What the hell. It's funny.

BronzeHammer went extreme on the silliness with this outrageous comment in the ESPN Plagiarism post, earning a round of applause. Later, he did this, in the T.J. Simers post. As with IronMikeGallego's comments above, this less-celebrated comment was, to me, so much funnier. It's very clever, of course, but it's just so whimsical and charming, and I loved it. Great comment.

Look at this hard-working effort from The Amazing Sneijderman in the ESPN Plagiarism post, which makes use of a recent Facebook hoax. That's good hustle.

Hit Bull Win Steak scored a winner with this cringe-worthy recontextualization in the Wrigley Coyotes post. Ouch. That's funny stuff.

And finally, here's an impressively creative dialogue joke from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the T.J. Simers post. That's a really sharp, funny angle to take at the topic of contrived story lines. Excellent. Here's a +1.

Total Fucking Duds

WitDickman did the whole this-guy-looks-like-that-guy thing with this boring comment in the ESPN Plagiarism post. And this comment got a +1! What the fuck.

And finally, what on earth was Arctic16 thinking with this pile of shit in the Jason Babin post? If you knew it was low-hanging fruit, and felt like it was the kind of joke you'd be ashamed to make, why the hell would you still make it? I will never ever ever understand this. Jesus Christ. Just don't make the fucking joke! As if the goddamn comments aren't already being bombarded constantly by an ever-growing horde of brain-dead jackasses, we've got commenters who deliberately submit comments they know to be crap. For crying out loud. Just go away.

This was a good start to the week! Let's keep it going. That's all I've got for tonight. Happy DUAN.


  1. Lemonade out of lemons moment: every time you write "look at those goddamn replies" I get genuinely excited for the upcoming shitshow.

    And great work, as always.

  2. keep it up. the commenting's better when it's getting graded.

    - fat-l

  3. Great roundup. And, I have to admit, that stupid thing with DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver, RMJ, and Hammerclaw was probably the best laugh I had today. Fuck it, I'm a moron.

    1. I concur. It was very, very stupid, but I couldn't stop laughing.

      Good work as always, MS.

  4. I appreciate the shoutout, and great work, as always. Also, looking back on it, I'm positive my Simers joke happened because I had Same Sad Echo's Lincoln joke rattling in my head from earlier in the day.

    1. OK after further review, I Lynn Hoppesed SSE's joke.

    2. Yeah, no way did you rip me off. Well done.

  5. Thanks for the kind words. Hell of a damned sure-as-shit good job here too, as per usual.

  6. Mr Shitehawk,
    Here's a nice, shiny +1ⁿ for all the great work recently. 11 posts in November. That is what we call tireless effort and sustained excellence.