Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Roundup

Some favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a very funny exchange between AMagicianNamedGod and RMJ=H in the Daily Screencap post. The original comment is funny, and RMJ=H's reply is even funnier. I miss this kind of stuff on Deadspin.

Hey! Here's another one! This one is in the Slick Rick post and features Barry Petchesky, David Hume, and SavetoFavorites, and it, too, is a riot. Why didn't this turn into a comedy pyramid?

I chuckled at this dialogue gag from Same Sad Echo in the Lousy Bobcats post. The set-up is funny for being so heavy, and the joke succeeds for dumping a series of awful one-liners on Rick Reilly. The bit at the end is just a fun little cherry on top. I'm not sure how successful the comment would have been had it stopped after Reilly's lousy routine, but, anyway, for me, that's the meat of the joke.

This is probably your Comment of the Day, from Rare Endangered Vuvuzela in the Cold-Shooting Clippers post. It's an extended dig at Nick Young that uses a hard head-fake towards the video to supply misdirection. There have been a lot of dialogue/screenplay jokes on Deadspin the past few days. There's nothing wrong with that - this type of structure lets the commenter use creativity and a big play area to fully work out a particular angle on a joke. A relatively thin or loosely tethered idea can really be strengthened with the longer set-up, and this joke is a good example of how that works. Nick Young played for the Clippers for part of one season, and that might make roping his persona - fertile as it is for humor - into a Clippers one-liner tough to pull off. Nice work.

Here's a charmingly goofy one-liner from PixelPusher in the ACC Lawsuit post. So dumb. There are usually half-a-dozen or more really terrible puns and one-liners in a given day on Deadspin, and I doubt I could lay out what makes this particular terrible pun better and funnier than all the others, but it works. I laughed at this joke.

I enjoyed this funny hip-check from DubaiAtNight in the Danica Patrick post. I'm not sure ol' Danica is fair game on this one, since the objections raised came from her interviewer, but anyway, I laughed at the joke. Awesome.

Here's a smart wordplay joke from cobra, brah! in the Danica Patrick post. Talk about loosely tethered. It's a clever little pull, and I enjoyed it.

Goddammit, I can't fucking believe someone made me laugh at another Brett Favre dick jokeRMJ=H, you son of a bitch. This came in the Super-Drunk Teletubby post. For crying out loud.

Here's a breezy little wordplay gag from Raysism in the Super-Drunk Teletubby post. Because I'm a total fucking moron, I needed more than one try at this one.

Sgt. Hammerclaw cracked me up with this dialogue joke in the Super-Drunk Teletubby post. Terrific rhythm to this joke. I love it.

Here's David Hume being a silly-head in the Hurling post. What's not to like here? I'm surprised this didn't get more love. It's funny from start to finish.

Every once in a while, there's a deadpan one-liner that kicks my ass. This one, from Brodka in the Hurling post, did the job today. These almost never work, but I laughed at this one.

And here's another one, from Nevin Shapiro, American Hero, also in the Hurling post. Read this comment and then go back and watch the video again. It's fucking hilarious.

Total Fucking Duds

No duds today. I mean, there were duds, but I didn't grab any of them. I must be in some kind of wonderful mood. Of course, your funny, funny jokes help quite a bit.

Take 'er easy, folks. Let's get it DUAN.


  1. You are the man. Love ya.

  2. Agreed. I ignored the comments section for a while after Kinja, but I'm really happy to see a group of you keep it alive. I don't throw out the +1 solely because I'm not around commenting much. it isn't the same, but you bastards still make it great. keep it up!

  3. Ol' Danica is always fair game. I mean, she did this and this and this and ... wait, what were we talking about again?

    Oh yeah, I was saying that it is fantastic that you're still doing this. Great work.

  4. I liked the original better. Like, a lot better.


    1. That was more than 15 months ago. I think we can give the guy a break.

  5. Also, as a general rule, let's try to not do Guy Who comments. My strong preference is for people to use their Deadspin handles when commenting here. I'll let Anonymous comments go, but I will almost always boot a Guy Who.

    And I'm really, really not a fan of piling on.