Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Roundup

A selection of favorites and duds from Wednesday's commenting.

But first, whoever put that tally of Favorites from 2012 in the comments from yesterday's Roundup, please shoot me an email at That's really great, and I think we could maybe do something with it. Let's rap.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Look at this guy! AMagicianNamedGod broke into the Favorites yesterday, and today he acts like he fucking owns the place. First it was this joke, in the Profane T-Shirt post. I like that he lays the misunderstanding out right there at the outset. This turns the joke inward and makes the subsequent two paragraphs, though beautifully written, just excruciating. The finale is a nice crude little reversal, but that brutal embarrassment-by-proxy of the middle section is really where the juice is packed in this joke. Great joke. Later, he used the screenplay format for a roundabout dig at Mike Shanahan's tired old face in the Mike Shanahan post. And then, because why the fuck not, he gave us this funny little sequence in the Russian Drivers post. What a day! This guy cannot miss! There is no way, no way, that such a savvy joke-maker could ever, ever, and I mean ever ever ever, make a bad comment. I hereby insist that the universe will stop immediately if AMagicianNamedGod ever makes a lousy, groan-inducing, preemptive meta-joke. IT CANNOT HAPPEN. Dun dun dun . . .

Here's a dark recontextualization from Dave Algonquin (WWTD?) in the Airballed Layup post. That's just evil. Good shit.

Noted silly-goose Same Sad Echo went back to the idiot trough with this terrible word-association gag in the Russian Drivers post. This joke is tailor-made for one of those "Idiot" +1s. I'm sort of shocked it didn't earn one. I enjoyed this.

This is a damn good screenplay joke from some guy named DougExeter in the Russian Drivers post. I am certain this joke was lost in the dregs for lack of a well-known handle. Fear not, gentle unknown types! There's at least one total fucking loser out here in the wilderness looking for your sizzling jokes! And this is a very funny comment. Nice work.

Here's David Hume being David Hume in the Jordan Crawford post. Terrific. Later, he earned a haul of +1s for this outrageous back-and-forth in the Yahoo Fantasy post. I believe I've said all that can be said about David Hume's wonderful sense of humor and talent for making jokes.

This is absolutely the Comment of the Day, from Raysism in the Christmas List post. Holy fucking shit, that's wonderful. I laughed and laughed at this.

Some guy called KennyMaynegerBabies dropped this excellent line in the Yahoo Fantasy post, and again, I think the joke suffered for bearing an unknown handle. Back in the salad days, there were featured commenters and grey commenters and pink commenters, and featured commenters felt responsible for searching through the pink and grey stuff for quality comments to promote. In fact, featured commenters took a certain amount of pride in having their handle associated with a diamond-in-the-rough promoted comment. Now? Burners have overrun the system and the regulars are mostly just scanning for friendly handles. And it's a shame. Anyway, this is a quality effort and I would have been proud to promote it.

Speaking of burners, some guy called Phintastic earned a round of applause for this terrific multimedia joke in the Jets T-Shirts post. Another commenter had this same idea, but "Phintastic" went the extra step of providing a visual aid. Good stuff. Get a real handle and stick around, Guy Who I Have Never Heard Of Before Today.

And finally, here's a spectacular dig at Jerramy Stevens, from Lionel Osbourne in the Concerned Citizen post. This is great. Lionel Osbourne is a beast. Hang out a bit, won't you?

Total Fucking Duds

Here's a straight-up dreadful, completely irrelevant movie reference from a complete fucking jackass called, of all things, TonyHomo. Lord lord, that's terrible. I guess the joke here is "I've seen The Big Lebowski and it was funny LOL!!!1!1" Which is, you know, not a joke at all.

No, AMagicianNamedGod, don't . . . you can't . . . . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [universe ends]

. . .

For the first time in Mad Bastards All history, a commenter had three Favorites and a Total Fucking Dud in the same day. And not just any dud, a horrible dud. I think we can all raise our glasses to that special feat. Good hustle.

That's all for tonight, sillies. We're back at it tomorrow. Have a delicious DUAN, on me.


  1. You really shouldn't validate us dreg-dwellers. I'm going to be emboldened to post three weeks' worth of crap now.

  2. That was the most special dud, and it was just for you. I spent fifteen minutes staring at it, debating, chewing my nails, grinning, crying. When I submitted it, I must have looked like Nic Cage in Vampire's Kiss, exhausted and covered in blood. Thank you, Shitehawk, for all that you do.

  3. Doug,

    Everyone, whether Steve U, or Raysism, or Gamboa were all dreg-dwellers once. There is no magic handshake to becoming a "name" other than being funny. Keep it coming!

  4. So, this seems to be a fine place to say this.

    The golden era of DS commenting is gone, and the flavor of that era is not coming back. We all agree that it is a shame, and the folks who care about such things argued, challenged, lamented and ultimately resigned themselves to that fact, publicly, in a number of places.

    What is encouraging is that there is a resolute, resilient core of commenters who refused to abandon the place, and shone on. They are still making the sort of smart jokes that brought us here in the first place. Some days it is more difficult; jealous idiots can be actively hostile to our efforts and the loneliness of being the only ones trying, and having hateful or stupid or thoughtless crap overwhelm and obscure our best work passively discourages us.

    Still, it is heartening that at this point, it is clear that we're not going extinct. Great jokes are still being made, there are other new voices trying to add to the mix of joke-tellers, and thanks in part to this blog, there is still a positive community focused on this and rewarding such efforts, from the old and new alike.

    We didn't realize we were in Eden, and now we're kicked out and the world is more obnoxious than we'd prefer, true. This beats the pants off of the alternative, though.