Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Roundup

Favorites and duds from Friday's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's Eddie Murray Sparkles being a silly-goose with an otherwise harmless little bit of text from the Anal Charles post. Very funny.

Poignant Theater had today's Comment of the Day, also in the Anal Charles post. It's a great pull, packaged perfectly. I'm not sure why Poignant Theater decided to include the words "MLB great" - you have to think everyone reading would recognize the last name Hershiser - but I suspect it's timing. The payoff may have been just a bit too abrupt otherwise, so he built in a tiny little delay. That's a great, great joke.

BronzeHammer went goofy with this long effort in the Mike Brown post. It's a pretty elaborate set-up, and it's all pretty much based upon the idea that the phrase "I'm behind my coach 100%" can have more than one meaning. This could very easily be a one-line joke: "I'm behind Mike Brown 100%" proclaimed a smirkingly literal Kobe Bryant as he plunged a steak knife into his unsuspecting coach's brainstem. Holding aside for a moment the fact that I'm a moron and that joke is terrible, by using a more elaborate set-up, BronzeHammer is able to craft, within his narrative, an actual elaborate set-up (teammates working in tandem to pull a familiar prank on an unsuspecting coach). The two elaborate set-ups work together to form a somewhat more sophisticated joke than that godawful abomination I put together above (thank God). I'm the fucking worst.

And finally, here's David Hume with a vicious dig at Roger Goodell in the Fake Injuries post. I particularly enjoy the poetic callback at the start of the second paragraph. The contrast between this style choice and the uncomfortable details of the Goodells' sex lives is a big part of the humor of this joke. I very obviously need to shut up now. It's been a long fucking week.

Total Fucking Duds

HOTMUNCH did this, which is lame, in the T.I. post. I don't care if it's racist or not (it's not) or even if HOTMUNCH believes it's racist or not (he probably doesn't). I'm just so tired of reading this lazy, boring, totally worn out way of broaching the subject. There were worse things on Deadspin today (the whole AHL Racist Jerseys post comments section, for instance), but this is still pretty fucking annoying.

And that's all the shit that's fit for print. Hey, have a great weekend, yous. Go join your fellow Smart Alecs in DUAN, won't you?

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  1. This is the alpha and the omega and the honey and the vinegar and the lead and gold of these sort of blogs.

    Please keep doing it, and I'll keep making jokes.