Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a funny thread in the Jim Boeheim post featuring Same Sad Echo, Raysism, Gamboa Constrictor, Universal Enveloping Algebra, The Amazing Sneijderman, ScottMitchellReport, and others. Several funny entries in there.

I enjoyed this funny, unexpected Laurie Fine joke in the Jim Boeheim post from Bevraj of Choice. I like this. Essentially this is a one-liner. I like to think about the different versions of this joke that ran through the author's mind before he settled on this particular version, featuring a one-word premise and the rest of the joke presented as a question. I would be a mess trying to hit on the best version of this joke, and maybe Bevraj of Choice was too, but it can't be a coincidence that certain commenters always find the best version.

Here's an idiot joke that just yanks the laugh right out of you, from Gamboa Constrictor in the Cow Truck Rollover post. It's funny enough, actually, without the all-caps and the exclamation points, but those touches definitely put it over the top. It goes from a lukewarm punchline to an idiot joke, and it's just funnier that way. Later, Gamboa dropped today's Comment of the Day with this painful dig in the Mark Sanchez post. Oof. COTY!1!

There are a couple of winning entries in this thread from the Cow Truck Rollover post, featuring LionelHutz, Danelorgy, Classic example of our failed educational system, ClawedLemieux, and others. Worth checking out.

Here's a kick-ass one-liner from Raysism in the Cow Truck Rollover post. Excellent pull, minimal set-up. Good stuff. Also, the success of this troll-bait comment in the 4Chan Winners post is absolutely mind-boggling. Instead of attracting a bunch of angry idiot burners, Raysism got in-kind replies from the usual suspects, and the angry idiot burners came to his defense! Unbelievable. I'm grinding my teeth about the replies, but I can't deny how hilarious the whole discussion is.

Here's a funny dialogue joke from Madoffs Mets in the Jets Quarterback Change post. This joke has a nice abrupt finish that accentuates the awkwardness of the scene. Nice job.

Ah, here's a very funny lesson from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Packers Fan Photobomb post. I know I keep coming back to this, but the guys who do this well have a special talent. The punchline does not require the line about yelling "fire" in a theater, but the addition of it ensures the audience will read the "cheese" line as common sense. On top of helping the rhythm of the joke and giving it a certain personality, it also causes the reader to sort of mentally thumb through our common-sense brain-bank, if even for a millionth of a second. If the joke said "you just don't yell "cheese" at Lambeau", it's too straightforward and has less than half as much to say about Green Bay fans. Terrific joke.

In that same post, I laughed at this dig from Theodore Donald Kerabatsos. It relies on the picture without too overtly making its point, and the conversational tone is wonderful. You'd expect nothing less.

This is so stupid, from DougExeter in the Raanan Katz post. Stupid and funny. Or, anyway, I chuckled at it. Sue me.

Total Fucking Duds

This fucking guy. There's just no way Lamont Sanford, III thinks of himself as a good commenter, right? I mean, at best he's a troll. No one is as consistently annoying as this shit-for-brains jackass. I groan as soon as I see his name atop any comment, and he never disappoints.

Fresh! Funny! Take a bow, MikeVsays.

Oh wait. Talk about low-hanging fruit.

What in God's name is this thing, from EnduroDoug in the 4Chan Winners post. What . . . what the fuck. Jesus fucking Christ.

While we're talking about dreadful, dreadful commenters, here's . . . God this is depressing. Fuck.

That's it for tonight, you clever, clever men. Have a great one.


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