Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a rather random bit of silliness from Raysism in the Daily Screencap post. I made it all the way to "bring a fish friend" before I had the first clue what was going on with this joke. And? I laughed.

Apparently just about any John Madden material is enough to make a joke about Pat Summerall. This joke, from The Amazing Sneijderman in the Daily Screencap post, gets much of its humor from the excellent caricaturization of Madden and Gruden. The Summerall death is just very funny icing. The choice of the phrase "kicks the bucket" is so good.

This is a wonderful dig at Philip Rivers from Same Sad Echo in the Child Labor post. Boy that's good. As with The Amazing Sneijderman's joke above, the snotty-teen act is spot on and very funny, but in this case, the joke ends with a humdinger of a punchline. Terrific.

Here's a great thread in the Redskins for Feds Trade post, featuring Danelorgy, SavetoFavorites, David Hume, BronzeHammer, Same Sad Echo, and others. A handful of winners in there.

Malik Sealy Dirt Mattress dropped today's Comment of the Day in the Redskins for Feds Trade post. And, like clockwork, you've got some thick-skulled ass-hat nominating it for Comment of the Year. This is a great comment - a great comment - and I'm not saying it couldn't be thought of as one of the year's best, what, 20 comments? 25? 30? That makes it a great comment. But lets be real here. In 2012, there were probably no fewer than 150 genuine show-stopper comments. Maybe this is one of them, maybe not. But I am instantly suspicious of anyone who reads a comment today and says it's the year's best today. That's crazy! You've got a catalogue of all the year's best comments in front of you? You, Mr. Anonymous Random Commenter who contributes terrible comments and snarky replies? You? I warned you this shit makes me crazy. This rant will just get worse next time.

Here's a simple, strong one-liner from fatleaveher in the Adam Schefter post. This is a very good joke, and I was glad to see it, because I'm a fan of fatleaveher and he's been all over the place lately. This is the kind of stuff he's capable of contributing. Keep it up!

I really enjoyed this audible from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the Prison! Prison! post. I particularly admire the way the punchline kind of dissolves. You're expecting the action part of this joke to use football language and a game sequence to say something funny about Republicans, but it doesn't, it collapses and reverts to being just a criticism. And that's very funny. It's a joke with a certain neurosis.

Here's a funny look into an awkward personal moment from Rare Endangered Vuvuzela in the Prison! Prison! post. Sex jokes generally do well when they stay on the subtle side. And if I may again go off on a tangent here, I really grind my teeth whenever someone does the whole "you win the internets" thing. What the fuck does that mean? +1 is a nice, quiet way of applauding a joke. Ha! or Yes! or You're the goddamn man may I inhale your mighty manhood?, these replies mean something. You win the interwebsLOL is just obnoxious internet gibberish.

Also, good joke!

SavetoFavorites cracked me up with this completely ridiculous sequence in the Misfit Knicks post. It goes silly early and just gets progressively more absurd. So great. And look at that fucking reply. Jesus. Kudos to SavetoFavorites for taking it easy on that turkey. Later, I also laughed at this somewhat simpler sequence in the Chad Henne post. This has become something of a joke type on Deadspin, the take-a-non-sports-action-and-assign-it-an-undesirable-sports-consequence joke. I'm a big fan.

David Hume earned a huge round of applause for a funny dig at the old Knicks in the Lakers Movie Night post. That's a crowd pleaser. Nice job. And, my God, look at that fucking reply. That's maybe the worst reply since the last time I said something was the worst reply ever. Holy fucking shit. That is some ghastly shit right there.

Here's a great Mike Francesa joke in the . . . um, Mike Francesa post from Gamboa Constrictor. So simple, so smart, so funny. Perfect delivery.

This is just totally ridiculous, from BronzeHammer in the Auburn Tattoo post. BronzeHammer has been doing these intensely awkward personal testimonials lately, and they're very funny. Also, quite the back-and-forth grew out of this and is also worth checking out.

Here's a whopper of a dark joke from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Lions Calendar post. Hoo-boy. Great reference and great wordplay. And so, so evil.

And finally, here's another dark joke, this time from cobra, brah! in the Ray Lewis post. That's terrific. And lo! Another incredibly terrible reply. Hey, dipshit, nobody cares that you don't get it. In what way does that revelation contribute anything?

Total Fucking Duds

Oh God just go away you fucking moron. Back to Yahoo, yahoo. /nailed it

Dur hur in other news I'm a big fat idiot and some other stuff dur hur. Signed [nobody cares].

This is just an astonishingly terrible joke from some preadolescent shrimp-dicked clown called micfiend1906 in the Awesome Dunk post. Yowza. That joke is too dumb for, too dumb even for YouTube. This joke is somehow less interesting than a "your mama" joke, and that's . . . well it's something.

Great week, everyone! We'll have another week in review deal tomorrow along with another unwelcome sermon on commenting. Have a great weekend, and let's get back at it come Monday.

And now for DUAN!

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