Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorties, in no particular order:

Here's an extended dig at Eli Manning's intelligence from Erg in the Daily Screencap post. No elaborate set-up, no knockdown punchline, just a really funny internal monologue with one hilarious movement cue. Great job.

SavetoFavorites cracked me up with this plot-twist dialogue joke in the Daily Screencap post. I'm still chuckling about it. Later, he dropped this . . . I don't know what to call this. Just know that I stand in awe of it. Incredible.

Here's a gruesome dialogue joke from Madoffs Mets in the Daily Screencap post. For anyone who doubts the shift we're seeing towards dialogue/screendplay jokes, consider that this is one of four jokes that use some elements of that structure in the Daily Screencap post alone. Later, Madoffs Mets applied the mechanics of a recontextualization to a plain-language delivery in the Purple Sombrero post, earning a handful of +1s. And even later, I chuckled at this silly sequence in the Spitting Cardinals post. And, because why not, here's yet another winner, this one in the Braylon Edwards post. That's a knockout one-liner. Great job.

Here's a silly infographic from Raysism in the Public Funding post. Later, Raysism went with this tight one-liner in the Browns Call-In Show post. Simple, sharp, and effective. And here's a great reference in the Jovan Belcher Gun Collection post. What a pull. Great joke.

Hey, look at this! This is a balls-to-the-wall set-up for a funny enough pun from none other than UweBollocks, in the Browns Call-In Show post. That's damn exciting. Let's keep bringing back the big guns.

I laughed at this recontextualization/comprehension-failure joke from BronzeHammer in the Purple Sombrero post. That's a nice, intuitive delivery. Good shit. Also, here's a disturbing day-in-the-life joke in the Spitting Cardinals post. That's hilarious.

And here's a great little pun from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Purple Sombrero post. Jesus, take a look at the comments in that post. That's a who's who of great commenters. It goes twelve jokes deep from starred commenters before you get to your first burner comment. That's how it ought to be. This is how shitty burners and [what we used to call] pink commenters will learn what we do.

This is a great thread, in the Israeli Basketball Suspension post. It features IronMikeGallegoEddie Murray SparklesBronzeHammerNatrone Means BusinessDinoRadjaBell, and others. There are at least three flat-out perfect entries in this thread.

Bevraj of Choice contributed this terrific pull in the Mark Sanchez post, earning a round of applause. That's such a smart joke. This isn't the kind of comment you could just recite in a room full of people or read aloud to someone in your office, unless you happen to know a lot of people who've committed Braylon Edwards's jersey number to memory. It makes use of the photo as a reference point, which saves Bevraj of Choice from having to incorporate a lot of clumsy information in his set-up.

Here's Steve U with a killer one-liner in the Mark Sanchez post. This is your Comment of the Day. It's just a perfect, perfect joke. Later, Steve U went silly with this lyric joke in the Flashing, Molesting Georgia Fan post. So funny. There's a hysterical reply in there from SavetoFavorites, too.

I love this kind of comment, seen here from Mantis Toboggan, M.D. in the Mashed Potatoes post. This is just an opportunity to put some funny words and ideas together, with the punchline pointed inward. This is an actual joke-type on Deadspin, and there are a few guys who break it out from time to time. I think of them as the silly crowd. Anyway, here's a +1.

Gamboa Constrictor gave this one-liner a conversational delivery in the Flashing, Molesting Georgia Fan post, earning a huge round of applause. It's just a quick, uncomplicated idea with an appropriate delivery. Nice job. Later, I laughed at this dig in the Rodman Tattoo post.

For whatever reason, I laughed aloud at this goofy one-liner from TheCarlosRuizSpanishEnglishDictionary in the Flashing, Molesting Georgia Fan post. He was pretty close on a few other comments today, but this one drew an honest laugh. Here's a +1.

Here's something simple and stupid and funny from Same Sad Echo in the Spitting Cardinals post. What the hell. It yanked the laugh right out of me.

And here's a funny sequence from, of all things, a burner called TotalFuckingHomer in the Spitting Cardinals post. Great job. Now ditch the burner account, get a real avatar, and start commenting like you mean it.

ReverseApeChemist got in on the act with this grim one-liner in the Braylon Edwards post. Yowza. I'm surprised there weren't any too-sooners attacking this joke. I certainly enjoyed it.

This shot at Wisconsinites from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the Bret Bielema post is good for a laugh. This joke has that evil, delicious element of picking on a target in no position to defend itself. Poverty jokes about North Korea, fat jokes about Wisconsin, short jokes about David Stern . . . it's funnier to pick on the vulnerable. I can't explain it.

Here's a smart, patient dig from Sponsored by V8 in the Christian Ponder post. This is really great. The presentation is subtle enough that you don't necessarily notice you're being set-up for a punchline.

And finally, what the hell, I chuckled at this one-liner from The Bunnyman in the Christian Ponder post. It's a sharp dig and it's built the right way. Nice job.

Total Fucking Duds

This is just trolling. God I miss the ninjas and the approval system.

And this is beneath terrible, from some total jackass called DannyAnarchy. I hate this crap.

Oh for Christ's sake.

Okay, so, obviously this is getting ridiculous. That's 28 Favorites from 18 different commenters and a thread. There's no way I can keep up at that rate. I'm going to have to raise the bar somewhat going forward. This Roundup took me a really, really long time. I do need to spend at least some of my day doing, you know, something other that writing a roundup of internet comments. I mean, I skipped a lot of good comments today.

Here's to a fun, active DUAN.


  1. Goddamnit. I loved this. Loved it.

    Fuck me.

  2. I said this on twitter, but I'll say it again here: seeing everyone back makes me almost forlorn, because it reminds me how many of you jokers are better at it than me.
    +1, everyone. It was a great day.

    1. That new guy Eddie Murray Sparkles sucks though.

  3. Hi. First time, long time.

    Speaking of quick and uncomplicated ideas, is there any way you could change the settings so that your links pop up in a separate window? (hint: there is, and it will be good for readership). Other than that- maybe a little more toiletting, and a little less Raysism, and we're good.