Thursday, December 27, 2012

Programming Note

Hi! So, MBA won't return this week. It's been a very busy Christmas and I'm in recovery mode and there's just no way. No way.

We'll have a full schedule of Roundups and Swinging Dicks starting Monday the 31st.

One other quick programming note, while we're here: I will not be doing Roundups on Friday, January 11th, nor on Monday, January 14th, and there will be no Swinging Dicks on the 12th. If anyone wants to jump in and write a couple of guest Roundups and a Swinging Dicks piece on those dates, shoot me an email at I will be at the world's most obnoxious conference that weekend and hating every goddamn minute.

Thanks for reading! Continue to have the best holiday season imaginable. 

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