Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday Roundup

A few favorite Favorites and . . . yeah, there probably won't be any duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I enjoyed this abrupt dialogue/screenplay joke from snoop-a-loop in the Daily Screencap post. It's just a funny way of calling Eric Crouch a loser, and there's nothing wrong with that at all.

So, I'm a little drunk, and even in the best of times I'm a moron, but I love this stuff, from Same Sad Echo in the Alley-Oop post. He's making fun of himself, and he's doing it in as silly a fashion as possible. I laughed aloud at this.

Here's a kick-ass plagiarism joke from Lionel Osbourne in the Lynn Hoppes post. That's a great reference. This is your Comment of the Day.

Also in the Lynn Hoppes post, here's a smart, funny comment from StuartScottsEye. The packaging is successful, but that's a whale of a pull. The reference itself is so good. Great joke.

I laughed at this dig from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Lynn Hoppes post. We've covered this kind of joke before: it presents a false premise as a way of shoehorning in an appropriate idiom. And it's great.

And here's a funny caption from ClintonPortishead in the Roger Goodell post. Simple and effective.

Here's a hysterical sequence from SavetoFavorites in the Hookers post. If you don't laugh at this, I don't know what to tell you. That's so, so funny.

Also in the Hookers post, this entry from Steve U is a goddamn riot. No knockdown here. This joke shows its cards early on and just layers on the funny. Great stuff.

By far the funniest part of this joke from David Hume in the Hookers post is the notion that Roger Goodell has a "well-documented history" of murdering hookers. Laying it out there as a given is just really fucking funny. Later, David Hume did this in Barry's Pelican Defense post, earning a huge round of applause. That's really a wonderful comment.

That's it! Have a great . . . ah . . . morning! To hell with DUAN!


  1. I think that "sexually mature female - polyestrous, responds to competitive vocal displays; is a walrus" is possibly the funniest thing on the site all day. The juxtaposition of using dry, scientific language to further a preposterous joke is so effective.

    1. The juxtaposition of using dry, scientific language to further a preposterous joke is so effective.

      I couldn't agree more. It really is a fantastic joke.

  2. No one was going to point out that I forgot the link to Lionel Osbourne's joke? What a bunch of jerks.