Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Roundup

Some favorites and a few duds from Wednesday's commenting.

, in no particular order:

All Over But The Sharting got things going today with a wonderful long-form joke in the Stepped On Perfect Game post. Nobody on Deadspin does those long, meandering jokes as well as he does.

Gamboa Constrictor had a nice day, first bringing the house down in the otherwise terrible Bow Tie post with his outrageous dig at Jason Whitlock. Later, his politics one-liner was good for a laugh in the College Dunk Contest post.

Same Sad Echo had me chuckling with his simple-yet-hilarious peacemaking in the Jose Canseco post. That's a very straightforward joke, but it saves the payoff until the very last word, for maximum effect, and I love it.

Total Fucking Duds

(This list is getting longer and longer. It may be time to revisit whether it should exist at all; frankly, I'm running out of synonyms for "terrible".)

ToddReesingsTurfFacial has been clamoring for a spot on this list for weeks and weeks. Well, here it is, for his contribution to the Wake Up Deadspin post. Not only is that a terrible joke, it's also a chicken-shit way of backing out on the joke without rethinking or redacting it. He hasn't made a good comment in ages, but this is beneath even him.

The Entire Presidential Bracket Thread gets a mention here, for being one long, depressing example of the Deadspin commentariat at its absolute worst. Drew's piece was just fine, the comments are uniformly abysmal. I would link to it, but I'm afraid my blog would lite on fire immediately.

Unstarred disaster shuttledik really went above and beyond today, conspicuously befouling a number of otherwise fine comment threads throughout the day. First, his two part failure of a photoshop in the Boxing Photo post. Later, for utterly inexplicable reasons, he felt the need to resubmit the same bad photoshop job in the Cavs/Heat post. Not yet content with the ruin he'd wrought, he dropped this thing in the Scott Raab post. This guy has to be the worst active commenter on Deadspin.

In the Bow Tie thread, unstarred commenter Jake Locker's Locker was kind enough to drop in a movie clip referencing, you guessed it, bow ties. Thanks for that.

Unstarred commenter Paolo.Lex's Miami Heat/hooker joke (in the Timberwolves Tickets post) was just a random opportunity to go for a cheap shock laugh. I hate, hate, hate that kind of joke. Sometimes, getting a gasp is as good as getting a laugh, but the joke has to be based on something from the post or something in reality. This was neither.

Unstarred commenter Wolfsheim was bitch-slapped by fellow unstarred commenter Street_Justice for reciting, word for word, a line from a television show, in the Timberwolves Tickets post. I'm not normally for one commenter slapping down another one for a bad joke, but this didn't even rise to the level of being a joke; it was just a lazy recitation of someone else's humor.

And finally, otherwise solid unstarred commenter snoop-a-loop got really carried away with some sort of poorly conceived long-form internet fraud joke in the Jose Canseco post, and wound up having to apologize for it. He's normally a good commenter, and I suppose there's something to be said for having the nerve to try something so outrageous, but he really should have reconsidered before hitting submit.

I'll have a post later today about the future of the "Duds" section of this daily feature.

For now, hey, have a wonderful DUAN.

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