Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday Roundup

Some favorites and a few duds from today's (yesterday's, again) commenting.

, in no particular order:

Hatey McLife checked in twice today, first with this sharp one-liner in the Wake Up Deadspin post, and again with a clever, chuckle-worthy joke in the Bully Video Update post.

For whatever reason, I laughed heartily at Tyreeeeeli's delicious quip in the Buzzer Beater post, especially when imagining it on screen.

In the same post, Steve U's use of the term "semistates" was good for a chuckle. This is right in his wheelhouse.

Body by Bacardi delivered a wonderfully silly lamentation in the FIFA Replay post. This kind of comment really does it for me; silly, unpretentious, loaded with personality.

All Over But The Sharting brought the funny with his contribution to the Bully Video Update post, using the staccato format of a section of content for a clever joke. Sharting's comments are so distinctive, I often wonder if I could identify them blind.

Deadspin icon MarkKelsosMigraine graced the comments today with a silly, perfectly distinctive contribution to the Fab Five post. I would pay money to bring him back to regular commenting.

And finally, Eddie Murray Sparkles returns with another clever little pun, this time in the UC Davis post. The danger with EMS is that these terrific one-liners will be diminished by the ease with which he produces them.

Total Fucking Duds

Unstarred commenter shuttledik continues to stink up the joint, first befouling the Nets Fan post with a godawful photo/comment, then coming right back moments later with an inexplicable . . . ummm . . . poem(?) in the NBA Ref post.

Also from the NBA Ref post, this flaming disaster from unstarred commenter Shake Harder, Boy. Be funny, do not be unfunny.

A Pimp Named DaveR brought further ruin to his reputation with this twisted, smoking, gore-soaked traffic accident in the NBA Ref post. What the fuck is that?

The less said about this (in the Buzzer Beater post, from unstarred commenter all oiled up), the better.

I'm not sure unstarred commenter pootnah understands how this whole "commenting" thing works. "Who's with me in having something funny to say? AMIRITE?" There are jokes to be made in the Bully Update post; suggesting that you find something to be funny will not do.

Another day, another putrid comment from unstarred commenter billikenmetz, this time an indefensibly horrid attempt at a pun in the U.S. Soccer Team Video post.

I have no idea what Sandy Magic Johnson was thinking when he cut this thing loose in Drew's Funbag post, but it's terrible. Uniquely terrible.

Also in the Funbag, an incredibly lazy comment from unstarred commenter Step Aside, Son. There's no way he thought that was funny when he posted it.

H is for Akeem dropped this lame, colorless, predictable, paint-by-numbers, dead fish of a comment in the Fran Dunphy Radio Interview post. Let's not devalue the commenting star, folks.

Speaking of devalued stars and dead-on-arrival jokes, scoop.and.slam left this rotten-crotch-smelling equivalent-of-vomit in the Montreal Fans post. Really, s&s? The impetus for this joke was the specificity of the word "shots"? That's a fucking disgrace.

Lots of posts on Tuesday, lots of comments, lots of good, lots of bad. I left any number of flat roadkill jokes stinking where they lay. In fact, I left a fair number of solid comments alone, as well. It was nice to have 3 new names in the Favorites today, including Mad Bastards All favorite MarkKelsosMigraine.

Hey, have a wonderful night.

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