Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Roundup

Some favorites and a few duds from today's commenting.

in no particular order:

Eddie Murray Sparkles made regular readers and commenters laugh with a clever accounting humor/Heath Ledger joke all-in-one in this morning's Accounting Professor Ejection Video post. He's just so damn clever, he is.

All Over But the Sharting's dig at Evander Holyfield was good for a chuckle in the Fight of the Century Photo post. Trademark silliness with characteristic craftsmanship.

In the same post, Dandy Koufax jumped on the name Frasier, and somehow had me giggling at the words "comical misunderstanding". Terrific job.

For whatever reason, Hatey McLife's characteristically dark take on the dangers of time-travel cracked me up (although, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it's true).

Total Fucking Duds

had no business dropping this lame rent-a-joke in the Accounting Professor Ejection Video post. This is a common routine for norbizness, throwing up pictures or videos without adding any original humor. He's a funny guy, he can do a whole lot better than this.

Another awful rent-a-joke, this time from BirdLaw, in the Tom Brady post. Seriously, get your own jokes, people. This is just lazy, unoriginal grinding by an otherwise solid commenter.

Unstarred commenter sacoplenty did himself no favors with this absolute turd in the Sepp Blatter post. It's doubly bad for being the last comment in the post, and therefore the first one seen when scrolling the comments section.

Cyrus_the_virus is generally a pretty good unstarred commenter, but his stink-bomb in the Yankee Stadium post is just terrible. I have no idea what he was going for there, but he can't possibly have thought that thing was worth a promotion.

The Muhammed Ali Sculpture post seemed to draw a lot of limp comments, but Tressels_Sweater_Vest's Kill Bill comment deserves special mention for having no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. This kind of thing will not and should not ever be promoted.

In the same post, Tyler Bray's Back Tattoo dropped a clumsy throwaway clunker referencing Roger Clemens and steroids. This isn't just low-hanging fruit; it's a dented can of expired Dole fruit cocktail in syrup, oozing botulism, dropped into a sewer by a hobo and avoided even by the rats and roaches. Surely, he can do better.

Today was not an especially bad day in Deadspin commenting, but the fact is, in any given day the duds will likely far outnumber the favorites. Also, I wrapped this thing up before 6pm EST, so there are probably a few good fresh ones out there, and at least another couple stinkers.

And now, DUAN!

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