Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday Roundup

Some favorites and a few duds from today's (yesterday's) commenting.

in no particular order.

From the Tim Lincecum post, dont-forget-where-you-came-from-cheese-mac cracked me up with his Peter Pan reference. I will never look at Tim Lincecum the same again.

Also from the Tim Lincecum post, Fendi Hotdogbun drew a hearty laugh with his hysterical one-liner on Lincecum's facial hair.

Unstarred commenter (and regular Mad Bastards All punching bag) sacoplenty earned a chuckle with his renaming of a favorite McDonald's item in Drew's Bracket Rant post. For his hard work, the comment was promoted.

SavetoFavorites' over-the-top satirization of Bob Knight's public persona in the Bob Knight Sleeping post was a risky comment, but I thought it was terrific.

EddieSuttons SouthernComfort and Steve U shared a brilliant back-and-forth following ESSC's summarization of Glenn Beck's NCAA bracketology. The original comment was great, Steve U's riff was even better, and ESSC's final iteration was a beautiful finish.

And finally, Eddie Murray Sparkles checks back in with a characteristically elegant, creative, clever reworking of a famous line from My Fair Lady. Another excellent job there.

Total Fucking Duds

I don't know what Len Bias Cocaine Surplus was going for with his comment in Drew's Bracket Rant post, but there's an edit button for this exact kind of comment. He can do better.

In the same post, unstarred commenter Billy Clyde Puckett brought absolutely nothing of value with his obnoxious mockery. Be funny, do not be unfunny. And keep this kind of crap to yourself.

A Pimp Named DaveR
, who is an otherwise solid commenter, missed badly with a poorly constructed, clumsy, awkward Star Trek reference in the WNBA post.

Unstarred shuttledik cut loose a putrid stinker in the same post. Is there supposed to be a joke in there?

In the Soccer Back-Pass post, billickenmetz, an unstarred commenter, dropped a shallow, meaningless reference to a town nobody on Earth cares about. Why in the world anyone would think that thing is worth a promotion is beyond me.

Message to unstarred commenter Orton hears a boo: please, for the love of God, find the edit button immediately. That comment (from the Bob Knight post) is so bad, it's almost hilarious. Almost.

From the Landon Donovan post, SuramaAte . . . be funny, do not be unfunny. For crying out loud.

I feel prepared to declare that jeetjet has no sense of humor whatsoever. That joke wouldn't draw a laugh in a 3rd grade classroom.

Tuesday's Roundup will be up shortly. We've had some technical difficulties here at Mad Bastards All, but we're getting it sorted out. Look for Wednesday's Roundup either tonight or tomorrow morning.

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