Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a clever and funny one-liner from Bevraj of Choice in the Joakim Noah post. Simple, straightforward, funny. Good stuff. Later, Bevraj of Choice also contributed this dynamite joke in the Lance Armstrong post. That's really great.

Here's a killer one-liner from what_dreams_are_madoff in the first ESPN Layoffs post. Perfect! Letter fucking perfect. Great job.

And here's a funny pull from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the first ESPN Layoffs post. Nothing complicated about this, just a heads-up reference twisted into something silly and funny.

Here's a fairly spectacular comment from Tim Burke (of all people) in the Lance Armstrong post. Yowza! Fire away, author!

Here's a downright uncomfortable wordplay joke from Steve U in the Lance Armstrong post. I laughed aloud at this. Or grimaced. Or both. And later, here's a very clever offering in the Playgirl post. That's terrific. And even later, here's a hilarious dig in the Rick Reilly post. Man is that good.

Here's a very cobra, brah! joke from cobra, brah! in the Lance Armstrong post. Among Deadspin commenters, cobra, brah! is perhaps the most likely to sweat out a grueling wordplay joke. It's a high-wire act: sometimes the work overpowers the punchline, and other times it all comes together for a kick-ass comment. This is very definitely the latter.

Here's an outstanding dig from Dave Algonquin (WWTD?) in the Rick Reilly post. A short-but-patient set-up to a very straightforward joke. Excellent.

And also in the Rick Reilly post, here's a great wordplay dig from The Amazing Sneijderman. I like the jokes that find a creative way to work in an idiom - the payoff is so immediate in that moment of recognition.

This joke, from Same Sad Echo in the Rick Reilly post, utilizes a clever, familiar ploy: the structure itself is the punchline. Instead of a traditional setup, the structure of the joke - a limerick - establishes a rhythm and rhyme expectation that is then spectacularly defied. There's the joke, but by utilizing that joke type Same Sad Echo gives himself an opportunity to fill in both the pre-punchline portion of the joke and the payoff with his own brand of humor - his silly content fills in the area around the delivery of the joke with personality and charm. It's like telling two very good jokes at once.

I laughed at this completely stupid photoshop job from Carrie Hunt and the Spoonerisms in the Mario Williams post. I find this kind of humor irresistible. I am powerless against it.

And, finally, here's a special nod to DubaiAfterDark for a very funny joke over on Sidespin. That's great.

Total Fucking Duds

Fucking idiot Lumpy Jackson saw the word "spit" in the Spitball post and had the least original or creative thought possible: Ah saw sumthin' funnuh-lahk with that thar word one tahm! Well, congratulations, asshole.

And here's some inane shit from FunkFactor5 in the Keepy-Uppy post. Boy do I miss the days when this throwaway junk would have been hidden in the gray.

Here's a completely empty and useless comment from total moron Andrew Daisuke in the X-Games post. With this contribution you're every bit as fresh and interesting as your namesake, and that's not anything like a compliment.

This is really fucking shameful, from Hit Bull Win Steak in the Super Bowl Hosting post. This joke is a direct copy of this tweet from yesterday. You should donate that +1 to charity and then go stand in the corner, asshole.

Keep at it, funny types!



  1. For what it's worth, I think I saw every possible formulation of that Super Bowl L joke on Twitter today, by lots of different people. Not that there wasn't some copying going around, but I think even EMS would admit that it's probably not the most obscure reference.

  2. Thanks for getting back at these. Really forces the issue on posting what are, hopefully, funny comments.

    -Dave Algonquin (WWTD?)

  3. As requested, the following is a round up of PARS's post-deadline gems:

  4. Much appreciation for putting the time into these, Shitehawk.