Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's an imaginative sequence from Same Sad Echo in the Joe Buck post. I've noticed lately there seems to be a bit of an anti-dialogue-joke movement brewing. It seems one or two dialogue jokes (or "made-up conversations") per day are getting flamed by surly burners. I suppose you funny types ought to instead focus on Simpsons quotes and one-liners featuring porn references. Later, I chuckled at this Phil Mickelson joke in the Derrick Rose post. Very good.

Here's a rather bizarre recontextualization-like joke from All Over But The Sharting in the Eliminated Wrestling post. All Over But The Sharting is one of the masters of letting the air out of the balloon all at once, the jokes that take their time getting where they're going and then deliver an abrupt, effective punchline.

I laughed at this long tease from SavetoFavorites in the Eliminated Wrestling post. That's really great. All along you're enjoying the creative wrestling references, but ultimately it's what isn't said that serves as the punchline of the joke, and that's just so smart and creative. I also laughed at this little sequence in the Derrick Rose post, and I'm sort of surprised it didn't get more attention. It's that clever deployment of the absurd that works on me virtually every time. Good stuff.

This is just so ridiculous, from Gamboa Constrictor in the Daddy Juice post. It makes use of the circumstances of the post, but redirects them for a completely off-the-wall joke that happens to also have something smart to say about OJ. I love it. Great joke.

Then, of course, there's this astonishing one-liner from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Daddy Juice post. Some jokes are more clever than funny, and sometimes, in the urgent search for material within a post around which to form a joke, we forsake funny and settle on clever. This is a wordplay joke, and it's so, so clever, but it's also really funny, and Eddie Murray Sparkles has an unbelievable talent for just that kind of combination. It's impressive.

Here's a kick-ass quote from RobTheStreet in the Connor Bird post. This thing is smokin'. Presented exactly as-is, without any set-up or context, it's just fucking perfect. Stick around, guy. That's a hell of a joke. I'm thinking this is the Comment of the Day . . . yep. Yes. This is the Comment of the Day.

Here's something silly and charming as hell from Bevraj of Choice in the Connor Bird post. The goofiness and glee of the Operator character is funny enough, but of course the real laugh comes from the abrupt shift in tone at the very end.

I chuckled at this one-liner from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the Connor Bird post. It's a funny pull packaged effectively. Later, I had to research this joke, in the Mike Piazza post, but it was well worth it. Even if you happen to already know what the fuck a Karate Gi is, you really get no advance clues for where this joke is headed, which is part of what makes that last line so damn hilarious. Great job.

This joke, from Sponsored by V8 in the Connor Bird post, makes great use of what we know about the Bird/Jordan relationship. It's such a simple angle, but Sponsored by V8 approaches it with the appropriate amount of silliness. Good stuff.

I very nearly missed this joke, from Raysism in the Popes, Ranked post. Posts like these are often a wasteland, at best featuring a few burner throwaway comments. I'm glad I checked. This joke obviously just piles on the silliness, and there's nothing wrong with that.

And finally, here's a well-timed Fred Hoiberg joke from David Hume in the Shaun Livingston post. I'm still chuckling about this. Poor fuckin' Hoiberg.

Total Fucking Duds

Thanks for reading. Wednesday will be up soonish.


  1. I know it's purely volunteer effort, and a lot of work for what it is, but this anonymous jerk loves it and really appreciates your work, whenever and however you get it done.

    1. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.February 15, 2013 at 8:44 AM

      Seconded. Always a fun read.