Friday, February 1, 2013

Thursday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a great and incredibly popular dig from Bevraj of Choice in the Dan Marino Love Child post. This joke was destined to kill. I've got no problem with that, but I don't think it was Thursday's best joke. It's great, undeniably great, great great great, but the 120 +1s are more a reflection of its accessibility.

Here's a strong pull from Kid Canada in the Dan Marino post. This one was there for the taking, and Kid Canada got there, and it's funny, and he gets the credit. Nice job.

This joke, from BronzeHammer in the Coyotes Sale post, kinda overwhelms you with its commitment. It's just full-bore crazy-ass balls-to-the-wall ridiculousness, and sometimes that does the trick. Later, BronzeHammer dropped this creative visual joke in the Rick Reilly post. And even later, I enjoyed this bonehead collection of stereotypes in the Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Interview post. Great work today.

Here's a terrific one-liner from Raysism in the J.J. Watt Proposal post. That's such a smart, hilarious turn of events.

Here's a great reference from Lionel Osbourne in the Rushing the Court post. Not just the clever use of a previous post, but also the way it provides a funny and ridiculous backstory for the video. I laughed aloud at this. Later, I laughed even harder at this absurd one-liner in the Caleb Moore post. That's so, so funny.

Here's ye olde fat joke from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Rick Reilly post. Of course, because it's Eddie Murray Sparkles we're talking about, the joke involves strong wordplay and letter-perfect delivery. Not your average fat joke.

Here's a great dig from Gamboa Constrictor in the Rick Reilly post. I'm frankly running out of ways to say "Gamboa is great at one-liners". Gamboa is very great at one-liners.

Yeah, I'm always going to laugh at a ridiculous Polish joke, like this one from RMJ=H in the X Games post. Taking a second glance at the photo after reading the joke yields something wonderful. And here's an outstanding one-liner in the Amani Toomer post. There are only so many Ray Lewis = Murderer jokes left to be made, but (of course) there's still juice left in there for the creative commenter.

Here's a funny extended repurpose of the word "patronize" from DougExeter in the Banned Goodell post. That's very good. And, for my money, this is the Comment of the Day, in the Caleb Moore post. This killed me. And, finally, here's something somewhat lighter in the Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Interview post. That Caleb Moore joke is a fucking knockout. Also, I wish I could personally uppercut every person who made a "too soon" comment in that post. Even the "see you in hell" stuff makes me crazy. Seriously.

Here's a big dramatic playaction fake from SavetoFavorites in the Recovering Homosexual post. Later, I thought this was one of the day's very best comments, in the Caleb Moore post. This could have very easily been the Comment of the Day. It's not so much the idea that it's all an X Games trick so much as the notion of someone hoping it's an X Games trick . . . this fucking knocked me over.

This is an incredibly smart, gruesome joke from Sponsored by V8 in the Caleb Moore post. Yes, it required a little research, but it was so worth it. And later, here's a kickass one-liner in the Amani Toomer post. Amani's first and last names were each featured in great one-liners today. A guy's got a right to feel proud about that.

This sequence, from Universal Enveloping Algebra in the NFL Team Doctors post, also does the whole overwhelm-you-with-absurdity thing. It's a bit of a high-wire act, because at times the laid-on-thick craziness can read like schtick, and only burners love schtick. This joke stays well short of that threshold and retains its funniness.

This is just so simple and funny, from Steve U in the Liquor Store Robbery post. It's a completely stupid silver-lining joke, executed perfectly.

All Over But The Sharting cracked me up with this excellent contribution to the Phil Mickelson post. The word "goddamn" is a smart way of giving the joke a particular tone of voice. If you make this joke as a simple math problem, it's still pretty clever, but it's the subtle little personality clues that really make it funny.

And finally, here's some good-natured ribbing from Same Sad Echo in the KSK Roundtable post. Also, that's a pretty goddamn hilarious .gif as a comeback. I really enjoyed this whole exchange. Good stuff.

Total Fucking Duds

I'm having to be a bit selective with the Favorites, which sucks. Sorry if I left out any humdingers from Thursday. Feel free to leave your missing favorites down in the comments, and have a great evening.


  1. Not a missed Favo(u)rite, but I gotta second UEA's NFL Doctors post. If you can read the all-caps part of the "Trainer with hat" part of that joke without totally losing it, you are a better man than I am. That just slayed me yesterday, and again twice while posting this goddamn comment.

  2. Here's a great dig from Gamboa Constrictor in the Rick Reilly post. I'm frankly running out of ways to say "Gamboa is great at one-liners".

    Maybe you could try it with your actions one time...

  3. Just wanted to come clean and say that, contrary to my prior statement, both my kid and wife love bananas. Thanks

    1. You will throw anyone under the bus for a cheap titter or a +1, won't you, you vacant son of a bitch?


  4. I find it very curious that nowhere did you mention the reports that my comment won the Internet.

    1. Please bear with us on that. Our legal department is working diligently to track the murky-at-best transaction history of the the entire Internet. There seem to be any number of gaps in its recent ownership history, but via one unknown mechanism or another it always seems to be in the hands of several if not dozens of burner hands simultaneously at various points every day.

  5. I just caught up on the last two roundups, and wow what a great week of commenting. Great work everyone* and thanks to Shitehawk; without him I would have missed most of these comments.