Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a smart, funny one-liner from Raysism in the Parachutist post. Simple enough, but a sharp pull executed perfectly. 

I'm pretty surprised this funny one-liner from RMJ=H in the Lil Wayne post didn't get more attention. It's thin as hell and very, very stupid, but its silliness totally got to me. Good stuff. 

I laughed aloud at this recontextualization from FreemanMcNeil in the Jay Williams post. It's a terrific joke, direct and simple and funny. You see a lot of tortured recontextualizations, many of them worth the effort, but this one is straightforward and wonderful. 

Here's a funny dig at Michael Jordan from BlairWalshProject in the Jay Williams post. The idea of this is funny enough that it doesn't require very careful delivery. It's not presented as a set-up/knockdown joke, but this allows the joke to have a pleasant conversational tone, and that totally works. 

Maybe it's just me, but I thought this wordplay gag from OmahaOmahaHut in the Michael Vick post was pretty good. That's a pretty damn clever pull and right on the money. 

Here's a rather unpleasant one-liner from Madoffs Mets in the Warriors Unis post. I once worked in an office where the term "wizard's sleeve" was considered the very pinnacle of humor for virtually a year. Still, this is a great pull. 

Here's a great dig at New Jersey from Bronze Hammer in the Warriors Unis post. This one was destined to kill. Great job. We'll call this the Comment of the Day. 

I enjoyed this line from Greg "The Aryan" Stiemsma in the Weird Baseball Injury post. It's essentially a recontextualization, but the laugh obviously comes from the dig at the Pirates. Good stuff.

This line from SavetoFavorites in the Tokin' Bulls post is good for a hearty chuckle. It's a pretty good pull, in addition to having some funny wordplay. 

Total Fucking Duds

Somebody fucking get rid of this guy, please. It shouldn't be so hard. Whatever pile of shit bureaucracy now stands between this asshole and a banning needs to get itself in gear, and fast. 

Jennifer A already took a stiff elbow for this execrable comment in the Weird Baseball Injury post, but it's worth piling on. Get a fucking clue, you total jackass. For crying out loud. 

Hey, have a great evening. Don't let your dogs get into any fake sugar, lest you find yourself out two grand and possibly a couple of goofball but nonetheless lovable pooches. 


  1. Glad to see you back, and sorry to hear about your dogs :(

  2. Shit, dude, didn't know you were serious about the pups. Really hope they're okay. Fingers crossed for you.

  3. +1 to Ray for that elbow and +good wishes for the pups.

  4. Hope the pups are alright. Welcome back.


  5. Good Lord. I haven't felt this conflicted since my mother told me how proud she was of me as I euthanized her.