Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Roundup

A bunch of Favorites and maybe a few Duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a by-the-numbers recontextualization from Sponsored by V8 in the Daily Screencap post. Good recontextualizations still happen all over the place. It doesn't always come down to the strength of the reference, but when the structure is this straightforward, it better be a funny-ass reference. This was. Also, Sponsored by V8 dropped this elegant one-liner in the Softball Email post, earning a big round of applause. I mentioned once that Sponsored by V8 seems to have made the leap, and this stuff backs me up. He's getting stronger and stronger. 

Many jokes were made in this same vein in the Clown Questions post, but Gamboa Constrictor's was one of the very best. Instead of just typing out the question, as many other commenters did, he framed his "clown question" as an observation, creating that delicious little cognitive beat where the reader's brain works to assemble all the pieces. Nice work.

Clinton Portishead dropped my other favorite joke in the Clown Questions post. After this comment, it seemed like everyone went with the direct quote style in similar comments, but this was the best of the bunch.

FEAST stopped in and left this hilarious missing line in the Arkansas Sonnet post. That's so fucking funny. The Arkansas Sonnet post was today's best, by far. Many, many excellent comments were dropped in there.

Here's a funny little poem from sweatingmullets in the Arkansas Sonnet post. These are tricky to pull off - a less-than-spectacular poem or song joke can be brutally awkward and turns the comment section into an echo chamber. I laughed at this one.

This is maybe the funniest Deadspin comment I've read in months and months, from Steve U, also in the Arkansas Sonnet post. I laughed and laughed at that. I went so far as to email it to a friend, who will probably not take the time to read it at all. There's your comment of the day.

The Amazing Sneijderman took a different angle to the Arkansas Sonnet post, contributing this sharp observation and earning a few +1s. Often, a single great comment in a post will turn the whole thing into a comedy pyramid. That can be great, but it's always a lot of fun to see commenters approach things from different angles altogether.

And here's another angle, this one from All Over But The Sharting, also in the Arkansas Sonnet post. The guy does silly.

Here's a damn funny dig at Bleacher Report from Billy Clyde Puckett in the Dumb Jeter Story post. I didn't expect any jokes in there, and I certainly didn't expect any good ones. The piece itself is so creative and funny, normally Deadspin commenters just congratulate the author for that kind of thing. This joke was good for a laugh.

And finally, sometimes the brutally awkward personal confessions are great, and here's a hilarious one from unstarred guy WhatAbout_GaryReason...? in the Worst Boxing Decision Ever post. I was happy to see this get promoted. Nice job.

Total Fucking Duds

And, of course, sometimes the brutally awkward personal confessions are just brutally awkward, as demonstrated by unstarred commenter monkeybusiness in the Milking Johan post. Seriously, guy? Your grandmother never got to see a Mets no-hitter? This crap sounds like it was written by Mitch Albom, and I can't possibly say anything worse about it than that.

Freeman McNeil is a good commenter, but this was not his best work, in the Clubbing Devils post. That's pretty fucking flat, a pretty fucking bare-bones presentation for a pretty fucking thin reference. Everyone lays a turd now and again. Antonio Cromartie jokes aren't quite as worn out as Jerry Sandusky or John Amaechi jokes, but you've still got to put a little more seasoning on 'em than that.

Unstarred guy pribian shamefully hacked Gamboa Constrictor's joke in the Clown Questions post. Folks, how hard is it to scan through the comments before you submit? How hard is it to redact your comment after the fact? Don't step on someone's joke like that.

Finally, what the fuck is this thing, from unstarred commenter bartolo'sfrostedmuffintops!, in the Arkansas Sonnet post? Oof. That is fucking dreadful. Taint tag? Take that humor back to seventh grade, mister.

Alrighty, folks. That's all for tonight. Looks like DUAN's a-cookin'. Have yourselves a great evening.

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  1. As always, you're right on the money. Thanks for keeping me honest. It's things like this that make me work harder.