Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Roundup

A few favorites and a handful of duds from Monday's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

David Hume dropped this hilarious comment in the T-Bone Racing post, earning a big round of applause. I chuckled at this. 

Here's a similarly longish paragraph joke from BronzeHammer in the First Take Ratings post. Also today, I chuckled at this very silly contribution to the Gronkowski post. I loved that second one. 

Unstarred guy Lamont Sanford, III earned a promotion for this terrific one-liner in the Gronkowski post. Great stuff.

This is so stupid and so silly and so, so funny, from Universal Enveloping Algebra in the Dumb Jeter Story post.

I needed time with this comment, from Steve U in the Defending Sandusky post, but I got there. That's excellent.

And finally, I really enjoyed this random turn of events from unstarred guy Southern Dandy in the Defending Sandusky post. That's a well-earned promotion.

Total Fucking Duds

One dud today, not counting the Total Fucking Dud that is the general attitude of Deadspin's commentariat these days. I look forward to the day, coming soon (I hope), when all your menstrual cycles come to an end. 

Unstarred guy parkrndl somehow slid by the #yousawamovieonce monitor with this lazy pile of crap in the T-Bone Racing post. The all-seeing MBA eye sees all! 

I have no energy at all for this stuff when there are snotty inside baseball comments all over the place, when every fifth comment is one of you guys sniping at Deadspin's content, and when your presence away from Deadspin is so full of shit. Predictably, MBA and the various other Deadspin-focused blogs have turned enough of you into self-important Deadspin antagonists that it's sometimes a real pain in the ass paying any attention to your routine. I don't know exactly what to think about that. 

Have a great night. Here's to a happy DUAN.


  1. I'm just providing the forum over there, man...

    I don't always agree with the direction they take it, but it makes for some interesting discussions. That's my main goal.

  2. Marv, CJ, IMG, my gripe is not with you guys. I like MKMUB, and I don't think the open forum is the problem. It's the shitty attitude among commenters these days, this "bigger-than-Deadspin" routine that's making me nuts. I wish the trolls and arm-chair editors would just shove along to Gawker, I really do.

    1. I hear ya. I just hope it's clear that my damn near "anything goes" policy over there is not an endorsement of the ideas being expressed. I'm just a whore for action.

  3. I imagine some of your anger is directed towards me and my soapbox comment on the First Take. My issue never was with Tommy or the content on Deadspin, which has been solid, but more Denton and his abysmal PowWow system. We've all expressed a bit of angst towards the coming change and that was me expressing mine.

    Also, I'm trying not to hang around Raysism as much these days. Rays' cycle totally messed up mine (must be all the girls' lacrosse coaching)

  4. Hey RMJ=H, that was a great comment. I didn't include it in the Roundup because it wasn't necessarily funny and because, yeah, I'm a bit tired of the ranting about PowWow routine.

    Still, +1 to you. It was a comment that deserved every +1 it received.

    I think you can probably guess the source of most of my angst.