Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Roundup

Some favorites and very few duds from Thursday's commenting. (All links work in Firefox and Chrome.)

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a funny little history joke from unstarred guy TwoGasolsOneCup in this morning's Daily Screencap post. I chuckled at this.

Steve U kicked ass with this picture-perfect one-liner in the Metta World Peace post. This is Deadspin humor exemplified.

RMJ=H had two winners today, the first coming in the Jeff Mansxcr post with this recontextualization/dig at Mark Sanchez all-in-one. Later, in the 38 Studios post, it was another dig, this one right at Curt Shilling. I laughed aloud at that second one. Nice job today.

Here's something simple and crude and goofy from Sonar Jose in the KJ & Hondo post. Yeah, I laughed at it. So what? It's got the right timing for a one-liner and a silly, funny punchline.

This is an outrageous, over-the-top screenplay-style joke from Talib's Rap Sheet in the Piss Cannons post. My dead grandfather is deeply troubled by your Polish jokes, buddy.

Here's your comment of the day, from Lionel Osbourne in the Bad Writing post. The joy of this joke comes from that brief cognitive delay before the punchline sinks in - that moment when you look back at his name and the light comes on. Delicious. Later, in the Silverback Williams post, I chuckled at this excellent reference. Those are two great, great comments.

IronMikeGallego earned a big round of applause for his contribution to the Silverback Williams post. This is one of those misdirection jokes that I love: by giving multiple examples, he's able to use repetition to create a certain expectation, and then uses the punchline to defy that expectation. He further supports the expectation by using clean, straightforward language, suggesting that he actually is educating us about a trend, all the while setting us up for a big swerve at the end. 

But I really want to draw your attention to the reply by A Pimp Named DaveR. Is that not the worst possible reply? What the fuck is that? I hesitate to invoke the unspoken rule against shifting directions with a non-pyramid joke in another person's reply thread, but this is absolutely stepping on a joke and befouling the thread. What an awful, abominable eyesore that reply is.

And finally, I really enjoyed this outrageous recontextualization from UweBollocks in the No-No Tickets post. Random and gross and terrific.

Total Fucking Duds

Lots of bad comments today. Lots. The fucking Naughty Pitching Matchup post was a total clusterfuck, as was the Mark Reynolds post. I elected to take it easy. Here are a few comments that caught my eye:

Unstarred commenter iknowsoftware is terrible. Here's a pile of crap comment from him in the Piss Cannons post. I suppose this is an attempt at humor, but I have no idea where the punchline is. If this is a sophisticated joke and I'm just missing it, someone please let me know. From here, it looks like iknowsoftware is doing the "I'm a bro who slays dogs and pounds beers" thing, which is nothing if not boring as hell. Later in the day, he had another comment shipped off to some island or another. Tighten up, guy.

Unstarred commenter Nashional Team couldn't resist making a flimsy-as-hell, pancake-flat Pitino joke in the Mark Reynolds post. Boy is that weak. If you're going to go to one of these troughs - Rick Pitino's premature ejaculation, John Amaechi's homosexuality, Jerry Sandusky's pedophila - you'd better fucking bring it. There's very little juice left in those kinds of topics, so it's gonna take a special effort to wring something out.

And finally, because he obviously wasn't finished crapping all over the Silverback Williams post, A Pimp Named DaveR left this mind-bogglingly terrible . . . know what? The less said about that, the better. If that kind of joke does it for you, if you're laughing at that, we don't really have much else to talk about.

Hey, have a great night everyone. Pop into DUAN and share a little after-hours time with your comrades, won't you?


  1. Oh boy, there I am adding gas to Pimp DaveR's fire. Uncomfortable!

    Thanks for the write up. Maybe someday, when I graduate from Funny College I can get on the good side of the ledger.

  2. Great stuff again, you magnificent .... bastard?

    It was not a great day for the commentariat, or Deadspin writ large. I feel like we got by on guts and determination. I'm hoping for a nice rebound to finish out the week tomorrow and hopefully a nice showing for the Pacquiao-Bradley Fight Night DUAN on Saturday. It will be a terrible one-sided fight, but what choice do you have as a boxing fan?! See you there!