Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from Tuesday's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's an actual comment from All Over But The Sharting in the Kickball Drama post. Not only is it funny, it's not actually a joke at all. I think, once upon a time, when the Commentist Manifesto was first written, it probably had this kind of thing in mind more than your standard premise/set-up/punchline joke. Nice job.

Steve U drew quite the response from the pink crowd with this classic misdirection in the Kickball Drama post. Obviously, we all assume this joke is going one way, and then it kind of peters out . . . and somehow it winds up being funny for the way the air just evaporates out of the balloon.

I suppose I'm the only person who laughed at this pro-tip from CaptainInsensible in the Kickball Drama post. It makes use of the same attitude towards adult kickball as the above comments, but applies it to a clever spin on a familiar plot.

Here's a characteristically sharp pun from Gamboa Constrictor in the Sandusky's Secret File post. The key word of the punchline is right at the end, right where it belongs. Later, this gentle ribbing of the author of the Pacquiao-Bradley Probability post was good for a laugh. I'm surprised this one didn't get a bit more attention. I enjoyed it. 

Eddie Murray Sparkles had a few terrific comments today; first, in the Kenyan World Series post, this funny Oil Can Boyd joke took a few +1s, and later, the crowd loved this one-liner in the Tony Romo post. Finally, this goofy quote in the Lil Wayne post was good for a hearty chuckle. Excellent work.

Unstarred guy WhatAbout_GaryReason...? cracked me up with this outstanding screenplay joke in the Drug Horses post. So silly. I really loved this comment. For his efforts, a promotion and a round of +1s.

It's impossible to not chuckle at this ridiculous joke from Sponsored by V8 in the Pacquiao-Bradley post. Every time I look at it, I chuckle. I'm not even sure it's the punchline, now that I think about it. Every time people throw in actions, like [looks over left shoulder] or [blinks] or [licks lips] or whatever, I wind up giggling. This joke has a funny punchline, but there's no question the punchline benefits from a wonderfully funny set-up. By the time you get there, you're just primed to laugh.

Here's another silly quote, this one from Madoffs Mets in the Gronkowski post. This is a great comment - a creative recontextualization that makes terrific use of Gronkowski's reputation. Nice job.

UweBollocks dropped this letter-perfect dig at Tony Romo in the Sponsored Baby post, earning a huge round of applause. That's such a Deadspin joke. Excellent. 

Theodore Donald Kerabatsos took the time to decode a confusing array of face tattoos in the Lil Wayne post. You know, I think he's right!

And finally, here's a typically charming bit of dialogue from one of Deadspin's masters of the form, Same Sad Echo, in the Thunder/Heat post. I've said it before, but there are a few guys on Deadspin who really make these dialogue or screenplay jokes sing, and Same Sad Echo is one of them.

Hey, no Total Fucking Duds tonight. Enjoy yourselves! See you in DUAN.

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