Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Roundup

Some favorites and some duds from Monday's commenting.

, in no particular order:

Unstarred commenter ToddReesingsTurfFacial seems to be getting his swing back lately. He had a handful of very good comments on Monday. This offering, in the Wake Up Deadspin post, was his best of the day. There's a reason ToddReesingsTurfFacial was once a prominent featured commenter: when he's focused, he's wonderful at this. On a day when Petcheski made a very curious starring, it was TRTF and the next guy who were far and away the hottest commenters on the site.

That next guy? Unstarred commenter Mantis Toboggan, M.D. Unbelievably, I've had my eye on this cat since the May 6th Wake Up Deadspin post, when he submitted the first and only unstarred, unpromoted comment I have regretted not listing among my favorites from the day. I am not surprised at all to see that the architect of that joke is gaining a little momentum. At any rate, he had several excellent comments on Monday. Two stood out: this long one in the Lance Armstrong post, and this short one in the Grantland post. If stars are just being handed out willy-nilly, certainly a very strong case can be made for ToddReesingsTurfFacial and Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

In the Dirkland post, Same Sad Echo earned a chuckle with this silly reference. I really didn't know where that one was going.

In the Adrian Wojnarowski post, I got a kick out of this long effort from MarkKelsosMigraine. The crowd really loved this one.

And finally, in the Premature Jocularity post, DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver did something interesting: he put the meaty part of his recontextualization right up front in this joke, and then used timing and tone to layer on extra humor at the end. That's a terrific comment, my favorite of the day.

Total Fucking Duds

There were a lot of duds today. A lot of totally boring, standard joke types, a lot of roadkill memes, a lot of going-through-the-motions style commenting. Buford Justice will no longer be referred to as "unstarred commenter Buford Justice" when he's in the duds section of my roundups. Heaven only knows what he'd be called in the favorites, because it'll NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN. A splat-F search tells me he's one of the most common handles found in the duds - this will surely end well. Meanwhile, TRTF and MTMD remain unstarred. At least Cyrus_the_virus got his groove back.

I'm in a fucking terrible mood.

Unstarred guy Billy Clyde Puckett left this lazy quip in the Wake Up Deadspin post. I guess he'll be a featured commenter by noon tomorrow.

Unstarred commenter tyrone biggums did this in the Wake Up Deadspin post. This guy's fucking terrible at this.

In the F1 Slip-Up post, unstarred commenter IronHearse proved a person can be terrible at multiple things.

There is no worse commenter on Deadspin than unstarred guy tomriddle, mastermind of this flaming piece of shit, and this even worse flaming piece of shit, both from the F1 Slip-Up post. The person who approved this jerk should have their crotch pressed over a cheese-grater.

Unstarred commenter Miles Long submitted this nonsense in the Lance Armstrong post. Neanderthal.

In the Dirkland post, unstarred commenter Temo1 contributed this, which may or may not be a joke. It makes the duds because I can't tell, which means it's either not a joke or not a good joke.

Similarly, this is either stupidity and laziness or just lazy joke-making, from unstarred guy ws450r in the Grantland post. Either way, try harder.

Sorry about the snotty tone of this roundup. I'm in a rotten mood in general, it's nobody's fault. To Buford Justice: good luck to you, truly. You have not yet impressed me with either your joke-making or your understanding of Deadspin's commenting rules and standards, but you're featured now, and it was a solid comment that made you so. Keep it up. Here's to finding you in the favorites soon and often thereafter.

Happy DUAN.


  1. Good stuff.

    I actually had to email another commenter after tomriddle's contributions today to see if he was a spoof account baiting the ninja or, horrifyingly, an actual human being. I still can't accept he's the latter.

  2. A couple of gems from MKM and Jazzy Jeff Weaver aside, it kinda _felt_ a little lackluster today.

    Great day for featuring the unstarred, IOW. Maybe there's room for an unstarred-commenter-focused regular day of the week (material allowing, of course)?

  3. Thanks for the MadBastard love, MS and to the guys who promoted 7 of my comments yesterday. I don't know that I'm the right guy to be pointing to as an unjustly passed-over nonstar, though. Lest we forget I've been unstarred twice for criminal inconsistency and comment bloat. I think I've got the focus sharp again and perhaps a good, sustained run that isn't so dependent upon Kennedy assassination jokes will get me back in the constellation.

    -- TRTF

  4. DJ Jazzy Jeff WeaverJune 14, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    @MBA, StF, etc:

    Thanks for the props. I'm sure that one of the reasons Monday seemed ever-so-slightly lackluster was the notable absence of Steve_U, who blows all of us out of the water.

    A question for you guys who've been around longer than me: I know this kind of thing gets asked a lot, but I'll go for it anyway. My comment in the Lance Armstrong/Cache Cache thread was, I thought, my best work of the day:

    In contrast, I thought my comment in the umpire thread (the one that was highlighted by you, MBA) was decent but not one of my best. Shows what I know. Anyway, I'm genuinely curious to get feedback about why you thought one was funnier than the other.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  5. I'm just pissed that I couldn't get the picture to load or get the wording just right on this:

    Really, I just feel bad that I failed the idea of Bizarro in a vulnerable place after being raped by Lois Lane.