Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

This thread, in the post about Bill Simmons's awful, execrable South Park/Tim Duncan comparison, has several very funny entries. Check it out.

Along those same lines, here's a funny comment from burner kevinnashsquad in the same post. Get yourself an avatar and stick around, guy.

I also particularly enjoyed this clever version of a similar joke from IronMikeGallego in the same post. That's a great pull.

Because I am a moron, I needed more than one try with this excellent one-liner from The Amazing Sneijderman in the Thrown Dog post. That is so good.

Here's a big ol' Idiot joke from Same Sad Echo, also in the Thrown Dog post. The phone noises really punch up the humor here. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Okay, so, I will almost never do this. There's mentioning a reply in the Favorites, and then there's mentioning a Pending in the Favorites, and then there's mentioning a reply to a Pending in the Favorites. The reply from gdsmithtx in the 137 Mentions post made me laugh. Sorry. This will not happen again.

Total Fucking Duds

Here's something regrettable from otherwise solid commenter EditBay in the San Diego Bush Diving post. Oof. Wah-wah (<---sad trombone effect). That's some low-hanging fruit, friend. You don't want to be the guy making the super-obvious joke unless you've got some fancy trick up your sleeve.

I wouldn't normally strenuously recommend you click through to read a Total Fucking Dud, but the subsequent (and well-earned) takedown of this horrible comment from Lana, Lana...LANAAAAAA!!! in the Thrown Dog post is just hysterical. Please follow the link. You will enjoy it.

That's it for tonight. Sorry about yesterday. Forgive me. And have a great night.

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