Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Moving quickly now . . .

This is great, from Mantis Toboggan, M.D. in the JaVale McGee post. This is at least the second hysterical JaVale McGee joke made by Mantis Toboggan, M.D. Keep 'em coming!

Here's a rather bizarre joke in that same post from BronzeHammer. I laughed.

I chuckled at this straightforward, by-the-numbers joke from Derrick_Roses_Are_Free in the Carl Pettersson post. That is such a familiar delivery, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't work.

This is just ridiculous, from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the Jesus Dildo post. This yanked the laugh out of me, and I'm still not sure why.

It's really the terribleness of this joke from Bevraj of Choice that makes it so funny, in the Jesus Dildo post. For crying out loud.

I giggled quite a bit while reading this comment from SavetoFavorites in the Gael Monfils post. I really love this stuff.

For whatever reason, this was the funniest thing I read today, from Raysism in the Human Trafficking post. I'm still chuckling.

And, finally, here's a smart little one-liner from darinh in the Human Trafficking post. This alcoholic loner is a pretty good commenter.

Total Fucking Duds

Here's an excruciating miss from DownhillSherpa in the JaVale McGee post. Oof.

And here's an astonishingly lame one-liner from Fozberry in the Carl Pettersson post. Whoever promoted this thing should have their genitals mangled by a groundhog.

So there you have it. Have a great, great weekend, and thanks for an awesome week full of very good jokes.

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