Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's an outstanding Henny Youngman-like joke from Bevraj of Choice in the Patriots Stars post. Almost no one can pull this kind of thing off. You need a punchline strong enough to stand up on its own, and you need to absolutely nail the tone. Great, great joke. Very well done. And later, here's a funny line in the DVR post. Yuck.

I chuckled at this dialogue joke from The Amazing Sneijderman in the Patriots Stars post. It's a fairly simple punchline, and the author doesn't add a whole lot of character with the dialogue structure, but the elongated set-up gives him a way to present his punchline without torturing the shit out of a more elegant delivery. Some angles cannot be fit into a shorter joke.

Here's a dig at a hoc-key player from BurnerWilliams2 in the Jaromir Jagr post. I get it! Ha ha! That's really great. [shifty eyes]

This is rather ingenious, from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Clemson Rock post. I needed a minute or two, but I got there. It's really fantastic.

Here's a funny little gag from DougExeter in the DVR post. I am so slow. I had to read this like four times to put it together. And it has seven words! God help me.

Here's a sharp one-liner-ish joke from Mantis Toboggan, M.D. in the Pete Carroll post. This is one of those broad-appeal joke that works with regulars because it's smart and well-made and satisfies boneheads because FUCK PETE CARROLL MAN or FUCK REGGIE BUSH MAN or FUCKIN' FOOTBALL HELL YEAH I GET IT. Anyway, good joke. Well done.

Here's a joke I'm going to include because !!!

And here's another joke I'm going to include because !!!

I enjoyed this dig at Patrick Ewing from Poignant Theater in the Patrick Ewing post. Smart and succinct and well-constructed.

Here's a great offering from cobra, brah! in the Cougar post. More like this, buddy. More like this.

And finally, here's a guilty pleasure joke from Bring Back Anthony Mason in the Steelers Subsidy post. Wringing the very last few drops from that particular angle. I wouldn't want to be the next guy approaching that trough.

Total Fucking Duds

As if!

So, I gave Raysism the business for his Jason Whitlock joke in the Tournament today. I should say, though, that all of you competing in that thing deserve a big ol' pat on the back. Standing out as a Deadspin commenter is hard enough without a mandate that you must comment on a particular post. No one (since ToddReesingsTurfFacial) comments on every post. Most commenters take a pass when they don't have something, and in this tournament you have no choice but to participate, and there's even a time limit.

So, though I very strongly disliked both jokes, I sincerely appreciate the guts and talent of everyone participating.

Now, no one else better make any goddamn Whitlock jokes.

Have a fucking fantastic evening.


  1. Sorry. I had "gray area" pop into my head, and I couldn't resist.

    Just like that gi[is savagely and deservingly beaten by Lindy West]

  2. [turns from giant chalkboard]

    [removes goggles]

    [tousles hair]

    Yes, come to me, come to me my boneheads! Come to me, and remember to vote!

    [cackles, turns up Nickelback, bites into Big Mac]