Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Roundup

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's more of SavetoFavorites being far-and-away the silliest commenter in the business. I laughed at this, in the Anna Benson post. 

The Amazing Sneijderman cracked me up with this out-of-left-field courtroom joke, also in the Anna Benson post. Nice work. 

Here's a wonderfully brutal glance inward from BronzeHammer in the Jiggling Hurdler post. Also, here's something raunchy and hysterical from the Locker-Room Dong post. What can I say? BronzeHammer is on a serious tear these days. 

Raysism pulled the old bait-and-switch with this goofy winner in the Jiggling Hurdler post. I love this stuff. Later, this unusual joke was one of the day's very best. That's great hustle. It's always such a pleasure to see commenters step out of the normal wordplay stuff into completely different types of humor. 

Steve_U earned a huge round of applause for this awesome oneupmanship joke in the Jiggling Hurdler post. Also today, I chuckled at this dig at, well, one of my all-time favorite NBA players. I'll forgive it this one time

Eddie Murray Sparkles dropped this terrific reference in the Homophobic Columnist post, earning quite the haul of +1s. Later, I laughed aloud at this Jamie-Moyer-is-old joke in the Sports Photography post. This joke obviously benefits from the kick-em-when-they're-down boost, as previously discussed in other Roundups. Basically, for whatever reason, an old/fat/ugly/poor/stupid joke is funnier in some sort of grey area that hovers just inside the boundary of piling on. Sad but true. I still haven't quite figured this mechanic out.

Here's another great and deeply insensitive horse joke from some guy named BrtStlnd in the Saratoga post. I'm not sure how many more horses-as-cheap-food-sources jokes we can make before they start to lose their juice, but there's obviously still a ways to go.

And finally, here's a sharp, elegant little one-liner from Poignant Theater in the Philander Rodman post. Every possible drop of juice in this joke comes from the actual reworking of the PER statistic, and Poignant Theater has the stones to let that idea do all the heavy lifting here. That takes confidence: often, elongated set-ups are used to make sure a joke has enough overall charm and humor to make up for a mild punchline. It's not a bad approach, either, but in this case, his pull had enough weight on its own.

Total Fucking Duds

I have no idea what obvious ass-hat Jasperr was going for with this pile-of-shit comment in the Usher Doinked post, but I very sincerely hope this goof takes his act back to Yahoo. 

Total fucking moron terriblestjokesever did not disappoint with this horrid effort in the Philander Rodman post. God, please let this be a So Bad It's Good commenting account. 

And finally, I'd like to highlight the spiraling-into-excruciating-embarrassment case of DeschutesDescores, who earned light praise from some and a little overly-enthusiastic praise from one Drew Magary for a Les Mann joke earlier in the week, and has now gone back to the trough multiple times with increasing desperation. Check out his commenting history for a first-person glimpse at a growing disaster. Guy, I hope you're reading this, and I hope this paragraph will convince you to diversify your act a bit. When I praised Raysism's ongoing antagonism of MMA fans, I also cautioned against trying to do the whole watch-me-recycle-this-joke-over-and-over thing, and that's because it's almost always doomed to failure. The More Boyy joke was solid, but it's in the past, man.

Hey, thanks for reading. Have a great night, everyone.

Goooooo DUAN! 


  1. Thanks again for bringing these back. On days when I'm not around, this is a great way to catch up.

    As always, well done.

  2. Wow, can't believe I had missed those great Bronze Hammer efforts.
    Yesterday was an informative day for me- I spent about 10 minutes trying to construct a clever 'ctrl-c/ctrl-v into curriculum vitae' joke in the Lynn Hoppes post and at least 5 minutes writing a bogus wiki entry for a ridiculous stretch of a joke in the homophobic columnist post. Meanwhile, the quick one-liner post that I vacillated about submitting is the one people liked. Brevity is apparently my friend.

    1. I'll say this: brevity is great, and certain punchlines and ideas really benefit from a quick, elegant delivery. But don't be shy about those elaborate jokes. As you've no doubt noticed, one of Deadspin's great funny-men (SavetoFavorites) does his best work in uncommonly long, patient, out-of-left-field jokes, and even some of Deadspin's best one-liner guys (Steve_U, for example, or cheese-mac, or Hume) have made or continue to make glorious long-form or dialogue jokes.

      Brevity is your friend, sure, but do the big goofy stuff too. Swing for the fences.

    2. Come back. We need you before deadspin commenteriat dies a slow witnessless death.

  3. Come back. We need u.