Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Roundup

Some favorites and a few duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's an excellent bit of silliness from Eddie Murray Sparkles from this morning's Daily Screencap post. Later, I cracked up at this hysterical one-liner in the Racist English Soccer post. That's damn funny.

IronMikeGallego scored a winner with this wordplay/reference two-liner in the Alma Mater White Wash post. Less talented joke-makers would torture this thing all to hell and fumble it away - jokes like this rely upon an extreme economy of words in the set-up or they become forced and laden with too much language and go all to hell.

I feel compelled to mention this joke, from youlovecreed in the Alma Mater White Wash post. See what happened there? The idea is simple and funny: the name "Joe" has become so tarnished by controversy that even "St. Adolph's" is a safer name for a university. The delivery, though, is a nightmare. Back in the salad says of pre-Kinja commenting, this would have been a perfect illustration of the difference between gray and featured commenters. No way Steve_U or Bring Back Anthony Mason fumble this one. Still, youlovecreed deserves credit for having a funny idea and for coming thisclose to delivering it.

Here's a funny line from Raysism in the Paternoville Reaction post. This one gets funnier each time I read it. It's just very silly. Also today, I laughed at this misunderstanding in the Racist English Soccer post. That's a rather creative recontextualization, and I loved it. And finally, I guess I'm the only person who laughed at this stupid Lynn Hoppes joke in the Shane Doan post, but I thought the screwy team names were genuinely funny-as-hell. And FINALLY finally, here's another of those MMA digs.

I was sorry to see this joke buried at the bottom of the comment pile in the Paternoville Reaction post, but I'll tell ya, that [person's] [thing] character has a real future around Deadspin.

This is a fucking riot, from SavetoFavorites in the Joe Posnanski post. As with other SavetoFavorites classics, I started giggling at the halfway mark of this joke and I'm still laughing a while later. And, as with other SavetoFavorites classics, apparently I'm one of the few who saw it or loved it.

Same Sad Echo dropped this humdinger in the Threatening Sky-Banner post, earning a round of applause. I'm the idiot who needed, like, a lot of time with this joke. I got there eventually. Great job.

Hey, look who it is. Our guy Gamboa Constrictor dropped this characteristically spot-on one-liner in the Iroquois Lacrosse post, earning an enormous haul of +1s. Hang around, will ya?

Here's a funny caption from Steve_U in the Iroquois Lacrosse post. Some burner schmuck decided to point out that this movie reference has been made once before. That was more than two years ago. Whatever the statute of limitations is on this kind of thing, the abiding principle is that jokes be funny, and this one is.

And here's our guy All Over But The Sharting with an excellent dig at . . . well, a familiar and tragic demographic. It's really the "grooving with Enigma" line that produces the giggles. Nice job.

It's possible I'm getting a little punchy now, but I laughed aloud at this quip from FreemanMcNeil in the Mike Francesa post. It's random and outrageous enough to practically demand a laugh.

Now I'm sure I'm getting more than a little punchy. For whatever reason, [sighs] [stares at ceiling] in this joke from The Amazing Sneijderman has me virtually incapacitated here at my desk. I'm going to take a break now.

Okay, turns out, that's it for the favorites.

EDIT: Fuck me, I missed the Horse post. Goddammit.

This, from Theodore Donald Kerabatsos, is glorious. I miss the brilliant MS Paint-work of Deadspin's commentariat.

This, from BronzeHammer, is the Comment of the Day. BronzeHammer is a fucking powerhouse. He's been on a hell of a run lately.

And here's a great practical joke from Sponsored by V8. Love it. I can't believe I stopped short of this post. What a jerk.

Total Fucking Duds

This is just a dreadful, brutally awkward reference from MmedeSevigne in the Jerrod Vick post. It's really the LOL that throws it over the top. If you sawed off my skullcap to expose my brain and touched an active electrode physically to whatever ripple causes uncontrollable laughter, I would still only frown at that comment.

Here's a regrettable pun from Cianfrocco's Modern Life. I imagine this thing was designed to get a comedy pyramid going, but it's just way, way too flat for that. It's an even worse comment if it wasn't designed for that purpose, though.

Oh hell, what the fuck is this thing, from some guy named fsu1dolfan in the Racist English Soccer post? Buh. Putrid. This thing comes close to the So Bad It's Good threshold.

Whoever this MiaImaCop character is, I'm not sure I can get on board with the bitterness expressed in this unsettling comment in the Marshawn Lynch post. Creepy.

So! Have a great night. I'll poke my head in DUAN here in a bit and see what's cookin'.



  1. The Amazing SneijdermanJuly 17, 2012 at 10:49 PM

    I enjoyed these before the switch over to Kinja, but with comments now being more difficult to track, a round-up like this is fantastic. Even as someone who does get the chance to check Deadspin regularly during the day, I still missed a bunch of these comments.

    So thanks, and sorry for the virtual incapacitation. I have a great virtual doctor for that. [wanking motion]

  2. Good hustle. Thanks.

    /pats ass

  3. I can only imagine how long this takes NOW. Grazie.