Monday, August 6, 2012

This is Cool

For the nerds and super-nerds in the audience. Enjoy!


  1. [leg twitches]

  2. That's cool and all, but where the f are the roundups at?

  3. "As a card-carrying comic, however, he knows the first rule in comedy is that when a joke doesn't work, it's the comedian who's accountable."

    Nuh-uh! Comedy is like, subjective and stuff, and just because no one laughs, that doesn't mean it's not funny. Who are you to be the arbiter of comedy on the internet anyways?

    /huffs bus exhaust

  4. "Heh. Yeah. Used to really love this place."

    [picks up rubble]
    [stares wistfully]

    "Daddy, why's it gone?"

    [takes a knee]

    "Son, nothing lasts forever. Maybe, one day, when you're old enough to make dick jokes, the guy who built this place will come back. Maybe he'll shine it up all pretty and new, and bring it back to life again. Maybe he'll remind us why we all liked coming here so much. Maybe..."

    [kids logs in to Kinja, calls Dom Cosentino a fag]