Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from Wednesday's commenting.

, in no particular order:

Here's a damn funny one-liner from ClueHeywood in the Pene en Paz post. I thought that was a brutal misspelling for at least a minute while I considered the joke. Yes, I'm a moron.

And here's an excellent dig at Tony Romo from our guy All Over But The Sharting in the Roy Williams post. After the first sentence, you have an idea where this joke is going - it's going to be a shot at the recent playoff futility of the Dallas Cowboys. I am endlessly interested in the various avenues to tension/release, and this is one of my favorites.

Here's your comment of the day, from AzureTexan in the Roy Williams post. AzureTexan was on fire on Wednesday. For my money, he's as consistently funny as anyone on Deadspin. In the WNBA Violence post, his Jeffrey Dahmer menu was flat-out hysterical. And finally, here's your other comment of the day, in the Michael Beasley post. I fucking roared with laughter when I read this. Excellent job.

I also guffawed loudly at this delicious joke from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the WNBA Violence post. I was surprised this comment didn't get a little more attention. That's a goddamn perfect recontextualization.

brought the house down with this joke in the WNBA Violence post. Phintastic can knock one out of the park just like everyone else. The problems come up when he settles for the easy crap. I'm willing to consider the notion that some commenters are volume scorers, to borrow a basketball term. I wish it weren't so. Anyway, this was a great comment.

Here's a terrific comment from unstarred commenter AirBratz23 in the MLB Infographics post. AirBratz23 is, in my opinion, much too worried about starrings and the like, and that lack of focus often shows up in his commenting. This, however, is a great job, and for his efforts his comment was promoted and showered with praise. More of this, kiddo.

I am in agreement with IronMikeGallego: this comment, from MarkKelsosMigraine, in the Angry Doris post, is hysterical. By the time I got to Ulysses S. Grant, I was positively giddy about where this joke was going. Goddammit, that is fucking hilarious.

And finally, here's an awesome little paragraph from Stev D in the Barry Halper post. I chuckled aloud at this. Stev D has a particular style as a Deadspin commenter: his comments frequently suggest a hilarious, goofy obtuseness, and the more acquainted you are with that style, the funnier each successive comment becomes.

Total Fucking Duds

Here's something truly confusing from unstarred commenter Beall49 in the World Series Baby post. Are we to believe that Beall49 is a member of the Giants? Or are we to extract humor from the sheer arrogance of the line? Or is it, in fact, meant to be funny at all? I will never know.

This is just a shameful Drew Magary impression from unstarred commenter PenskeMaterial in the Angry Doris post. This happens so, so often. Drew is funny and distinctive, and your knock-off is not. Develop your own commenting style.

Unstarred commenter AirBratz23 earned a rare double today, crapping the bed with this lousy rent-a-joke in the Angry Doris post. C'mon, guy. This will never do. AirBratz23 has been around long enough to know better than this.

Unstarred commenter Bubbleman! Don't Metalblade me bro! should be banned for not caring one iota about the rule of Deadspin commenting. He demonstrates that attitude in this small thread in the Michael Beasley post. This guy sucks. Get rid of him.

And finally, here's a perfectly valid observation from unstarred commenter Todd Bertuzzi Chiropractic in the Wimbledon post. Obviously, Deadspin's comments section is not the place for a perfectly valid observation. Save that stuff for DUAN, and you might have yourself a real conversation starter.

Thanks for reading, hombres. I'll be back on schedule soon. Or not. At any rate, hey, kick ass.



  1. A few things. Don't worry about commenters like "Dont' Metalblade me bro" or whoever who aren't usual Deadspin commenters. Waste of time. They wander over here from Kotaku once in a while and are worthless. Secondly...I perhaps used to be a volume guy, but I've toned it down.

    Also...I have crazy respect for the effort you put in here.



  2. @Phin

    I sometimes try to throw in a clue to point people in the general direction of the punchline to an obscure joke I enjoyed. Clearly, though, this was a bad, clumsy version of that tactic. Ah well.

  3. RE: my total fucking dud - I was actually going to redact that, but for whatever reason, the comments system doesn't allow you to remove pictures from posts, so I left it up because it wasn't worth the hassle. I figured just leaving the picture would be even worse because it wouldn't make sense. No excuses, I know, but them's the facts.

    Anyway, I always eagerly await the roundup, because you really do put an admirable effort into improving Deadspin commenting - which, given that we're already the best damn group of commenters on the Internet, is a difficult task in and of itself. I know the +1 is passe nowadays, but plus freakin' one.

  4. Wow. Shocked that I didn't end up in the Duds for wasting space by replying to Metalblade.

    Thou art a merciful God.

    --Lamar Latrell Sprewell