Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great Comments I Somehow Missed and Which Have Now Grown Moldy in My Inbox

Submitted, in most cases, by your fellow commenters.

This comment was submitted to me ages ago as a hat-tip to Norm_De_Plume for his "perfect example of riffing on a joke." Nice work.

This comment from Gamboa Constrictor was submitted by none other than Deadspin's own Jack Dickey, who was made to "guffaw and cringe at the same time." We've come to expect nothing less from ol' Gambooey.

This comment from dont-forget-where-you-came-from-cheese-mac was submitted as an example of a contribution that deserved a little more attention than it received. In this case, it received zero attention.

This comment, also from Gamboa Constrictor, was submitted as a favorite comment of the year and compared to "hitting a grand slam in game 7 of a World Series." Apparently, the nominator and his wife still laugh about it.

This comment from IronMikeGallego was submitted for being a terrific DUAN contribution, and despite getting a fairly huge amount of praise immediately. Nevermind - it's terrific.

This comment from Bevraj of Choice was referred to as COTY-worthy. This is not the first time a Bevraj of Choice comment has been so-nominated. The guy's a powerhouse.

And finally, I was asked to comment on this comment, from Raysism, in the recent (and incredible) Spider Bite post. I won't comment on it much, other than to say that it is excellent, that I laughed aloud when I read it, and that I would not have seen it ever if not for the email heads-up.

Unbelievably, I still have some material coming down the pike. It will be interesting to see whether anyone actually reads it. But, at any rate, I'm posting it. I am no longer saddled with my obnoxious 9-5 job, as of this very evening. Though I will be very busy - too busy, by far, to even dream of resurrecting the daily roundups - I will now have enough free time to at least read Deadspin comments, and do some honest-to-God writing now and then. Sense-of-perspective free, dignity-annihilating, eyeball-searingly highfaluttin pieces on the mechanics of humor as they relate to the business of offering comments on a sports website will, against all reason and logic, be included under the heading of "honest-to-God writing", much to the disbelief of the many legions of decent folk who have long since abandoned any hope of salvaging even the flimsiest remnants of meaning in my continued existence.

Up next: why jokes about Taylor Buchholz's vagina-like psyche, a bunch of lazy layabouts in Somalia, and Amy Winehouse's minor self-control issues are fine by me.


  1. It's alive! Alive!

  2. This is the happiest day of my life.


  3. [cums]


    [cums again]

    Don't ever leave again.

  4. I was introduced to this site the day you posted the "final" post. Glad to see it'll still have some activity. Welcome back.

  5. Oh, how I missed you.

  6. While it is nice for my asinine, FORGETTABLE self to forever be remembered by the Cool Kids Table, I must report I am not Analysis Rube. However much he and I might agree, I have no idea what he is on about, and only learned of him on one of my once every two or three days stops at the Spin to see what is hep in the world of sport.

    As well, I should point out, after my whooping by Barry Petchesky, I acted like a man, or as much like a man as a pantywaist lard ass like I am can pact like a man, and trifles not with Deadspin, as commenter, anymore. I did try, once, to comment, postban, but only via quip, not harangue. It went nowhere, and I gave up. I suppose I am tiring of being not funny.

    Which is improvement, no?