Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Roundup

Favorites and duds from Tuesday's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a silly and fairly gross little gag from Bring Back Anthony Mason in Barry's excellent Rain post. I think of Bring Back Anthony Mason as a dependable high-average hitter; he tends to only comment a few times a day, and all of his comments are well-made and original and funny. Way back in the star days, in addition to COTY types and, of course, grinders, we had a healthy group of commenters who could be counted upon for one or two solid, quality comments a day, with the occasional knockout mixed in. Bring Back Anthony Mason is one of the best examples of that group. Very few throwaway comments, just a steady, dependable stream of good, funny jokes.

Here's a Raysismian joke from Raysism, in the Coach Meltdown post. Once upon a time, I mislabeled Raysism as a grinder, but here's the truth: he often gets there first, but he has a real and admirable talent for turning what he finds there (the medium-hanging fruit, shall we say) into something genuinely charming and funny. The Jesus=Tim Tebow thing isn't a particularly original angle, but he turned it into a funny, successful one-liner, and that takes some doing. I don't want to box the guy in, here; he does all kinds of jokes and most of them don't fit the above description, but he also does the early-and-often thing, and staying fresh and funny in that style takes a great sense of humor. Nice job.

Steve U left this great wordplay comment in the LSU Airbrush post, earning a handful of +1s. It's a funny enough reference, but the letter-perfect delivery really makes the joke. That's how the pros do it, right there.

It's nice to see Sponsored by V8 back in action. This joke, from the Plagiarism post, makes a series of very funny changes to content from a previous Deadspin post, relying upon the callback value of the original post to highlight the absurdity of the comment. A person who hadn't read the earlier post would have every reason to wonder what in the hell everyone was laughing about, and I'm totally okay with that.

This is just a hysterical thing to visualize, from Eddie Murray Sparkles in the Too Tall Okafor post. And it's another one of those in-plain-sight jokes! Love this guy. But, of course, that's not the Eddie Murray Sparkles comment you're waiting for; it's this one, in the Al Davis post. Holy shit, that's great. It's so hard to imagine any juice is left in the Jerry Sandusky angle, and yet, there it is. So, so good.

This joke, in the Ozzie Guillen post, is no less funny for having been made by burner David Hume. In general, I hate burners, especially asshole burners who can't think of a more interesting handle than "David Hume", but this is a pretty solid joke. I mean, for an idiot burner.

RMJ=H cracked me up with this funny quote in the Ozzie Guillen post. It's a clever joke, but the quote format, which allows RMJ=H to load up with personality, really makes the whole thing sing. Great stuff.

Here's a mostly awesome comedy pyramid featuring IronMikeGallego, Raysism, Jack Dickey, Eddie Murray Sparkles, The Amazing Sneijderman, I Like Cheap Beer, Pink Slime, RexsPodiatryst, KareemCheese, and others. Several very funny entries in there. +1s all around.

Total Fucking Duds

SteveGarveyPumpingChicks dropped this unwelcome prediction in Barry's excellent Rain post. It's inoffensive, yes, and there were worse things on Deadspin today. And I, too, am annoyed by The Sports Dipshit, but pointing out in as bland and straightforward and unimaginative a way as possible his predictability makes absolutely nothing of it. It's important to recognize the difference between the idea for a comment and a fully formed, finished comment. This comment is just an idea and does not rise to the standard of Deadspin commentary.

Shut the fuck up, Lamont Sanford, III. You're terrible. This is the kind of "conversation" we've gotten from Kinja, and it's crap.

Here's a worthless, pancake-flat quip from some dude called DeadHead in the Plagiarism post. Who on Earth would laugh at that fucking thing?

The irony of this goddamn comment makes my head hurt. Hey, Gallant17, pull your head out of your ass.

Hey, that's more like it! Now, off to DUAN, you funny types.


  1. Well, at least one thing I can produce is a steady, dependable stream.

  2. It's better when you're here.

  3. Just did my weekly "I'll just check and see if MBA posted anything". Thrilled to see you back and excited to get a mention. Ray isn't wrong.

  4. I ain't missin' you at all. Jerk.